UFO Videos Captured Above Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe UFO

Lake Tahoe is the largest mountainous lake in North America. At an altitude of 4,580 feet and an area of 191 mi sq, there is a lot of water to experience. The lake itself is beautiful and pristine, and the surrounding mountains are majestic. The area beckons anyone who loves outdoor recreation. There’s no denying it – the sceneries are some of the best you’ll find. Since the waters are clear, would that mean every sighting is clear enough for each and every resident? Recently, a man named Mario Cazares saw seven luminous objects hovering in the sky at about 6 pm on April 10, 2015.

He is obstinate that the objects’ movement proves they are not balloons but are more mysterious. He claimed that such UFO sighting changed their positions and flew at different speeds. He tried to record them, but the lights were so bright that he could not see his video screen clearly. As he watched the tape, more than seven similar objects in the sky were seen. He says that if you use at least a 24-inch monitor, the UFOs are hard to spot. On May 7, he began to post all of his videos on YouTube under Daniel Neamtu.

On his video, he wrote that the lights are small. Since the balloons have changed their direction, he is sure that they are not just balloons. For support, he says that balloons do not fly at different speeds, and cannot move in and out of the clouds. One of the most typical species of UFO is small white orbs. Some white orbs reports have turned out to be balloons, including the report made by a man who was debunked his sighting after an investigation.

Is the UFO sighting hovering in the sky, a balloon or Aliens? The answer is all up to you.

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  1. I shit you not I saw these exact same lights at about 10:30 pm near santa cruz,ca they had the same triangle formation they were glowing red fadding in and out. One left and then the other two left and the first one that left came back and then faded completely. I tried to take a video but it didn’t show up due to having a crappy cell phone. I was not the only one who saw this my boyfriend saw it too. It could be a military experiment or something else either way it was definitely a UFO.

    • I just saw virtually the same phenomenon just before nine p.m. while my husband and I were walking our dogs in Norfolk, VA, Aug 9, 2015. The lights were to the east of us. There were seven white orbs, white, three were in a triangle. The seven looked as if they were tethered to one another because of how they moved. Then four of them, two by two, slowly went higher, getting smaller, while the other three went down below the tree line. The one that went higher came back and formed the letter Y and then went up again, virtually together and disappeared possibly behind a cloud? The three that had gone below the tree line came back and then faded out. Now this is all near an airport and also the naval air bases, but I never saw anything like it, and I’m sure it wasn’t drones, weather balloons or any other kind of balloon, helicopters (which my husband thought at first they were), birds, or planes. They were orbs with no flashing red or green lights. I never saw anything like it.

  2. I think they are going to colonize the planet slowly in secret Then assimilate the human race into their culture and take over!

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