Orb flying near a plane over Los Angeles, California 12-Jun-2015


Here’s a new video of a bright unidentified flying object or orb, flying near a plane over Los Angeles in California. This interesting footage was taken on Friday, 12th June 2015.

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  1. The plane dispersing aerosols into our upper atmosphere, could not be a good thing… The intelligences behind the UFO just might be curious… Wondering, why we would allow rogue planes to spray our populations with toxic poisons?.. I would celebrate if I watched a video showing the UFOs doing what our own Air Force Bases will not do… If only, the UFO would intercept these rogue planes and shoot them out of the sky… We need someone to protect our air space and the Air Force is not doing it’s job…

      • no kidding joe, i think that’s what he’s saying. perhaps he thinks it’s spy planes that disperse aerosols. or transport planes. now that drones are bloody well everywhere maybe they can do that too. bloody hell.

    • there is no plane on earth that does this. i know a pilot and he knows people talk this way. it is ridiculous. what you are seeing from jetliners is pure water vapour. sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t, it all depends on atmospheric conditions. don’t you think the earth would have been totally poisoned by now, considering public jetliners have been around since the 60’s if not earlier? believe me, we are already poisoning ourselves with fossil fuels right here on the ground, we don’t need airliners spraying anything.

  2. I know that not all cameras and phones have a manual focus option, but if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, please switch to manual focus so you don’t lose it when it goes past something like power lines. If it is your intention to hunt UFO’s, and you’re looking for a good camera to use, please make sure it has a manual focus option. I also see videos of people filming an orb or light in the sky, and they do have manual focus, but it looks like they intentionally leave the light a little out of focus so it looks bigger, don’t do that ok?

  3. I believe this to be evidence of a UFO. Good quality of video. I myself have spotted out many of these in the past month with some friends and family aswell. I hope more people can witness them too and wake up , for we are not alone in this universe. Contact me on my email if anyone is willing to share info on their experience.

  4. these ufos / orbs are REAL they are either Extraterrestial or interdimentional entities up in our skies AND have u noticed no military jets are ever seen to check out or intercept to see or give a report to the people what they ARE ..they appear at times to be physical craft .never has there ever been a serious report by the media . the public should WAKE UP and ask the questions and DEMAND the answers .we the people deserve to know our true reality and our place in the universe .but instead we are treated like a population of stupid people who can be told ANYTHING to shut them up and you know THEY MAYBE RIGHT AFTER ALL .

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