UFO Mysterious Fleet Hovering In the Sky, Recorded on Camera


Unusual lights, odd flying saucers, triangle shaped objects and figure of aliens are one of the most common sighting spotted by different people all over the world. In a recent report, strange lights hovering in the sky have been recorded by a baffled man. When asked, he claimed seeing a strange fleet, which can be identified as a mysterious unidentified flying object. To be specific, he saw a Five ‘double orbed’ lights changing position hovering in the sky in Peru’s central city on June 22. Even though some details about the footage have remained unclear, the video was captured at 5 am according to the filmmaker. The video footage was shared by a website that collects strange videos about the unidentified objects called OVNI.

The footage is being published on June 23, and since the site is shared all over the world, a lot of people can see it. In fact, it attracted attention from social media users. Without a doubt, mysterious and odd objects have viewers appearing enthusiastic about the footage. These observers are very much convinced that it is a proof of alien existence. Due to the number of spectators, the footage has received different comments, such as the question regarding the possible consequence if the object are being flashed by a laser or a flashlight. The commentator further asked if the legs tremble if it is done.

Another person has expressed his gratitude towards the amazing convoys of alien ships caught all around Earth uploaded to a social media account. Earlier this week, a video of a strange ‘Alien’ light shining behind a cloud was baffled by the internet. Despite scientific explanations about the weather phenomenon, lots of viewers remained convinced that the footage is a proof of extra-terrestrial activity.

Without a doubt, thousands of people have already witnessed the strange objects – different shapes, colors, motions, and sizes. Whether it is a mysterious object coming from an alien spaceship or a man-made phenomenon, conclusions cannot be done without profound evidence.

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  1. When they finally do arrive you will not like what is going to happen if you are still around. These are from the powers of darkness and are of the real “dark side” being Satan. The only hope in this lost and dying world is through the one who was sent to die on the cross over two thousand years ago, rose from the tomb three days later, was seen by five hundred people, some having communicated with him and actually touching him and breaking bread with him, then promising to return for his followers. This man is Jesus Christ the son of the living God. All he has prophesied has manifested up to now and what lies ahead is not going to be anything you wish to be part of unless you are one of Jesus’followers and have put your faith in him by asking him to forgive you of all of your sins and ask him to be your Lord and Savior. Get a bible and read the short book of Romans where it tells you about your sin nature and what you must do to be saved. The reward is eternal live F-o-r-e-v-e-r. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. Please! do not ignore this warning!

    • jesus is an alien. for centuries humans have been lead into believing that jesus is a man. he appeared as a man and walked amongst us as a human being. it is a much different story.

  2. Whoa, I’ve accidentally hit the Bible Belt site. No wait it’s the UFO site.
    Oh well everyone’s opinion counts for something! That’s what makes this site so fascinating.

  3. the footage is amazing…..right up there with the phoenix lights…more investigation on this would be great. That’s probably some of the most interesting and well shot ufo stuff in awhile.
    Religious beliefs transcending from historical alien interaction is certainly possible but please, leave the bible thumping rants at home.

  4. I totally saw these lights too, but in California, after sunset on June 20! I thought my eyes were fooling me but the similarity of the images in this video is amazing. From my vantage point they seemed to be flying around Jupiter but I guess they had to be much closer than that. Crazy!

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