Strange Object Spotted Over Mexican Castle

cigar ufo

Since people in different countries already saw Unidentified Flying Objects, you do not know whether or not your country is a hotspot in a UFO sighting. Of course, right for both tourists and locals residing in a castle ruin in Mexico. To be specific, Tulum is a walled city. Known as a Pre-Columbian Maya, its ruins are being positioned on 12 m tall cliffs in the state of Mexico. It started when the tourist has recorded an unknown object hovering in the sky on May 22. This date is very significant because days before, Google Street caught a moving cigar-shaped flying machine in the same area. According to UFOvni2012, a YouTube user, the cigar-shaped spacecraft was caught on video, uploaded on June 10, 2015.

As seen on the video, a tourist claimed that his wife was resting on the beach nearby castle ruins in Tulum, Mexico. He reported having seen strange, mysterious flashes twice per day. Since the object is rare a strange, the woman’s husband began recording the sky with the hope of capturing the flames. Instead of recording the flashes, he recorded the object moving through the clouds. The occurrence becomes the point of curiosity when a Google street view camera in July 2013 caught the cigar-shaped object in the same area. In the video recorded on July 2013, the object that makes a 90-degree turn is hovering momentarily. Minutes later, it disappears.

While there are thousands of UFO believers, there are also heaps of non-believers. Therefore, in every sighting, you should expect to get different criticisms. The differences between a natural and man-made phenomenon are vast, and you need to find out. Whatever it is, take note that this is not the first time that a extraterrestrial vessel was being spotted over Tulum. The site has already become an emerging location of the sightings since from the Google street view.

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  1. It looks also as a definite ring perimeter of ? a mothership and a big one…that perfectly curved arch of cloud with the energy activity visible is interesting. Pity the cameraman didn’t shoot film all the way around the arch sky was also discoloured around that arching line. Very interesting if not shopped.

  2. I believe the video is real, as for the pictures from Google Earth, I personally feel that the stationary object is nothing more than an object on the lenses of the camera. The reason being at one point somebody in that crowd would have to look up (due to humans checking surroundings every so often) and see it there. Perhaps it was a bug or just a speck of sand that had been deposited, but as for a UFO, I feel that is falsely misinterpreted.

  3. Cloud anomaly looks very interesting, no idea what that is.
    Cigar looking object , at 2:00 – 2:03 approx. just looks like a pale coloured bug that is sitting on the outside of the camera weather/dust dome protecting the lens .

  4. looks legit. the first cigar shaped thing looks real. the other pictures of it look like a bug on the lens. but the invisible lines in the clouds were freaky!

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