Flying saucer caught on tape over Nagpur, India?

India UFO

Check out this daytime footage of a possible disc-shaped UFO in the sky above Nagpur, India. This was recorded on Monday, 27th July 2015.

Witness report: hello my name abhinav i was at Deekshabhoomi when i look up i see the object(ufo) in the sky that day is a sunday 26/07/2015 first time i see that object i thought that was a kite but when i stare a long time but it cant move anywere it just like constant in the sky. when i got it was not a kite then i open my cell phone and started recording that UFO(object) i took 3 times recording clips at different angles and also took photos that time was 6:42 at evening after that me and my mother & sister take evening walk after sometime i go return at that place at time-7:28 the ufo still there. that time slowly slowly the clowd goes into the darkness after 8:00 pm at night it hard to see the ufo because it total darkness in the sky. again next day i go same place at same time but that time i see nothing i stay long time there but that ufo i never see again. that all i want to say. i want to report MUFON because it is most popular for ufo.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. The film in this presentation seems genuine and not counterfeit, I just wish to point out that at some point the video and specifically in time 48 ” from the beginning, looks to pass from the left side with enough fast speed something like birds. To more comment looks like to pass 4 in number and with a synchronized motion speed.
    The analog understanding simply from observing does not show optical illusions, unlike setting the playback of videos in pretty slow speed observation is apparent.

  2. When watching videos of this nature keep an eye out for the strange hi-speed “birds” and “bugs” that often accompany the UFO. Also keep in mind that most yard-birds and insects found in the world are not supposed to fly much faster than 40 mph. The birds in this video are buzzing the photographer like 90 mph major league fastballs.

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