UFO Abduction Attack Claimed by Mexican Bicyclist


Why would anyone invent, or imagine a horror scenario, such as extraterrestrial abduction? The fact that independent abductees, from various cultures and countries, have come up with consistent abduction stories, is it enough to claim that such stories are credible? Is it happening? Investigators have precise scientific methods designed for investigating the reports people receive.

Inexplitica is a Journal of Hispanic Ufology. Recently, news has spread regarding the abduction story of a Mexican bicyclist. The incident took place on a stretch highway referred to as Salmoral – Paso de Ovejas. The Paso de Ovejas is a city of Veracruz, the Mexican state. It serves as the municipal seat for the neighboring municipality of the same name. The man has been identified as a 68-year old Francisco Acosta Tostado. He claimed to ride a bicycle and told authorities that he was almost abducted by a strange object running over him. He firmly believes that the object is an unidentified one. He was spotted alongside the highway in a prone position due to the mystifying incident. Engineer Policarpio Carvajal called the Red Cross Emergency Services at Cardel first, but due to no avail, they passed the request to the Civil Defense and Municipal Firefighters of neighboring La Antigua.

The man suffered a severe head back injury; hence, first aid treatment was being rendered at the scene. After the treatment, the man was being transported Cartel, the regional hospital. The State Police are currently investigating. In early 2002, some extraterrestrial sightings and chupacabra attacks were spotted in this area. Unfortunately, the government pays little notice claiming that the coyotes mad the attacks. However, the locals said the injured cattle would not be hurt this way if they were being attacked by regular coyotes. A few days after, the attacks ceased, and the ranches nearby returned to normal operation.

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