Two really fast spacecrafts flying near ISS


Check out this amazing UFO video of a two objects or orbs flying past the International Space Station.

Youtube uploader Streetcap1 estimates these UFOs are flying with thousands of miles per hour. What do you think about this sighting?

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    • good guess but Venus and Jupiter are not close to each other anymore. Venus is still visible in twilight very low to the horizon and Jupiter can barely be seen now.

  1. there’s no explanation for this film. is it film from the ISS itself? is it film from the ground up? it would be great if we all knew what this film is showing.

  2. Really?
    The old standby, Venus etc, and no doubt the clouds are swam gas?
    And they are in front of the clouds, plus Jupiter and Venus are not together in the sky like this.(check your star maps!)

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