Top-Secret Photos Revealed: Massive UFOs Spotted Over Arctic From 1971


A UFO, short for unidentified flying object, is an anomaly that is being observed over the surface of the earth, and that is not immediately identifiable to the viewer of the object. There are thousands of people from around the world who view strange objects hovering in the sky each day. However, this does not mean it saw something that they never saw before.

arctic-ufo-2But what makes this story different? Even though several witnesses have already seen the triangular shaped object, UFO enthusiasts have gone crazy over pictures of massive floating cigar-shaped and triangular spacecraft objects over the Arctic. The photo was taken in 1971. The pictures were supposedly taken by sailors, but have remained as a mystery until now. The alleged photos were already circulated online by Alex Mistretta (paranormal investigator) and The Black Vault (UFO Site).

Due to these incredible photos, Nigel Watson says that such photos have made researchers from scratching their heads and have been speculating if aliens are based in Arctic regions. Since 1896, cigar-shaped or airship craft were being reported. The incident happened when the great wave of ‘phantom airship’ sightings was reported throughout the USA. When Benjamin F. Trueblood had a polar expedition in 1908, the Eskimos he met were keen to talk about airship sighting. In fact, they described it as a cigar-shaped dirigible balloon that is sailing over the Greenland.

In the last few decades, the triangular craft have been commonly seen. Among the places were West Midlands and Dudley. One witness claimed to have seen three orange lights in a triangle formation. Such formation was not an equilateral triangle, but more of an isosceles triangle.

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  1. Triangle shape craft have been seen around our Earth for thousands of years, these have been around well before trbs were invented.Myself know these people who visit our World very regular.It is them is the main reason we all still exist, say they are our guardians or angels.

    • Yeah right!if you know them then who are they and what do they want and why are they too chicken to come forward?
      Don’t think they mean us any good!

    • You know these people who visit our planet,….. you have to be joking, right??? Otherwise I suggest that you go back to the hospital you ran away from,

  2. Don’t believe that. They are not on your side. They are not going to prtoect you. “They” what Hollywood calls aliens.. have never saved anyone…

  3. Amy – pay no attention to those who criticize you. Some people are beyond ignorant. There are many people in the world who have had contact with ‘visitors’. And just as there are good and bad humans, there are aliens who have our welfare at heart and those who do not. This is where we must trust in our gut instinct and our own judgment. I hope all of your contacts remain positive, but like humankind – not ALL are good.

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