Aug 2015 Sighting – Strange Black Object Seen By Fishermen

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With all the UFO evidence at our disposal, with all the testimonies brought by eyewitness about encounters and abductions, one thing that everyone wants the most is to meet these humanoid extraterrestrial creatures. Recently, one strange object was seen by fishermen. The black object appears to be hiding from them. According to the witnesses, it is apparent that there is some intelligence who was controlling the precise object. They further added that it was afraid and does not want to be noticed. Later, the alleged object was being followed by the fishermen.

Iznik is a town and a directorial district in the Province of Bursa. The incident is not a sole occurrence because according to the villagers of the province, they have also seen a strange object at Lake Iznik. Yes! Not a single presence in the eyes of the fishermen where they alleged to have seen the black object in the morning. At Iznik Lake, Fehmi and his friends were on their boat fishing. At 6:00 am in Iznik coast guard, they heard a very strange sound in the village’s reeds and the place nearby the fishermen. According to them, the noise is very familiar, because it is like a huge bird being trapped between the reeds. But, they got up quickly and approached it. Concerned glances have made the fishermen to soar who was sailing under the foreign body; he recorded the strange object of his mobile phone. The mysterious object was being suspended in the air. In fact, it moved toward the Göllüce which happens to be the coast. According to the Fishermen, they followed the flying object only for a short period. The unidentified flying object watched as the UFO was hanging in on the air.

It is true that occurrences like this are unbelievable, but the mere fact that not only the fishermen who saw the strange black object, it makes sense that it could be real.

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  1. TURN DOWN THE AUDIO!!! Geezus! Every time I watch video on this site, the audio is maxxed out. Please turn it down – especially when it’s in Iznik !!!!! I HATE the sound of the Chinese language, and the many dialects therein. Yes, loud, AND ugly.

    Good capture otherwise, if a bit too dark (you could/ should have lightened the first part).

    • Chinese? I looked up Bursa Province and it says Turkey … well if you expect it to be loud ‘every time you watch a video on this site ‘, then be prepared and mute or volume down before you visit the site ..?

  2. Chinese? It’s all Greek to me! Was this blob thing in the reeds, then flew off, or flying around, or both?
    A bit hard to follow.

  3. Its a black plastic bag filled with helium and a small weight on the bottom to keep it up right. Meant to be a joke but when seen from a distance looks out of place and causes it to be thought of as a unknown aircraft.. so technically it is a UFO.. but not alien space craft.

    • Well thanks for clearing all that up, even though you do not have a clue, you still feel competent to act as if you do.

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