UFO Footage: Strange Metallic Orb Filmed Over Indonesia


When you are into extraterrestrial issues, you have to begin by attempting to refute a particular UFO case. Of course, this scenario is to see if it holds water to identify whether or not it is a mistaken, a genuine or just a hoax sighting. If you haven’t studied the case well, it could be a simple airplane hovering in the sky, a silver-painted, or a weather balloon Frisbee being tossed up for laughs.

When there are reports of extraterrestrial sightings, people often hear reasonable explanations such as an experimental aircraft, lights on airplanes, weather balloons, hoaxes, optical illusions, swamp gas, wild imagination, and many more. Such ideas may either come from the media, or by some infamous intelligence faction. Of course, exploring the most reasonable explanations is healthy, but if none of the general criteria can apply, you just may have a real alien spacecraft on your hands.

One witness living in North Jakarta, Indonesia has reported seeing a metallic orb hovering across the sky. The witness filed in the Mutual UFO Network database as Case 68460. According to the witness, he was staying in the outdoor basketball court together with his family at about 5:42 in the afternoon. On July 17, 2015, he saw the orb UFO flying at a height of about 500 meters northwest of the sky. Later on, it changed the course when it flew in a South West direction before disappearing from the sight.

Even though extraterrestrial vessels kept at a constant speed of 50 meters per minute, it changed its shape when it approached the witness. From an orb-like shape, it changed to squashed or flat vertically. The witness saw a metallic luster that imitated the light of an evening sun. As the object moved closer, he observed it more closely. Since he wanted to determine the nature of the object, He communicated with MUFON.

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