“Humanoid” flying over Los Angeles, California 9-Aug-2015


I just received this report:

Locaton: Los Angeles, California
Date: 9th August 2015

Witness report: Best evidence we have seen and captured yet of the humanoid shaped anamolies that we have been seeing as it was captured on 3 cameras with dozens of eyewitnises to attest to seeing this object while at the free Public event.

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  1. Now we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel. How about some serious UFO footage.
    A Michelin Man balloon. Good grief…..

  2. I thought if to be a balloon too. But then it does not drift more upward out of sight, it is not drifting away as there must be some wind at that altitude. If it is anchored to something there are no indications string or guy lines of any kind. It seems high enough to be seen by airliners coming in to LAX.

  3. Reminds me of a hologram thing, like those Blue Beam project …a Jesus showed up in Eastern Europe, there’s a lot of examples but this seems like a big breakthrough in the technology, if that’s what it is.

  4. Well… from “normal” scientific views this could be an astronaut or a kind of Japanese flying robots. Tell me what else?!

  5. This reminds me of the photo that was taken by the fireman who was taking a picture of his 5 year old daughter back in 1965-66. I don’t see it being a balloon as some have spectated. I thought I was looking at a balloon several months ago, but it did not move, finally became aware it was a UFO, from what I could gather the size of an airplane!

  6. For those who think it is a balloon. It’s missing a leg and arm. Balloons don’t self heal so who would make something like this and promote it? They don’t make balloons with detachable arms and legs. If you pulled off the leg of a Mickey Mouse balloon, what would happen to it? The helium would be released and it would drop like a rock. Also, a Mickey Mouse balloon would rock and flip around. This one stayed in an upright position. Please notice the arm movement. It internally rotates and then, externally rotates. Balloons don’t do this. Take a second look!

  7. It’s a Storm Trooper from Ralph’s/Kroger grocery store displays (among others)
    My brother bought one from a store display for my son for Christmas, I have it still, Identical in every way.

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