Glowing UFO in Russia: Did It Cause THUNDERSTORM after Its Appearance?


Several UFO researchers present a different point of views throughout history. There are numerous myths, legends, and also testimonies regarding strange property observed in the sky or even beings that originated within to aid the human race evolve civilization. Since contemporary scholars can’t straight look into the information of these tales, it’s difficult to determine when they are correct reports associated with right activities. Many ufologists, therefore, concentrate on studying reports beginning in this millennium. But did they find something about the glowing light that allegedly caused the thunderstorm?

One resident claimed to spot a weird bright light hovering above the woodland for fifteen minutes before he filmed it from two distinct angles in the skier nearby Moscow. Of course, the video was being uploaded on the YouTube for the public to state. In the footage, one voice of a girl was heard before the object shoots off. The report has been translated from Russian reports, and the family emphasized that they watched the footage for about fifteen minutes. At first, their assumptions were different. But, when they realize something different, the object began to take off. The weather at the time of sighting was just fine. In fact, it wasn’t raining. Unfortunately, when the strange object disappeared, the rain poured immediately, and the storm began.

Some suggested the appearance of the object near storm was ball lightening. It is an unexplained natural electrical phenomenon where the balls of the luminous light of different sizes are seen soaring in the air for a longer time than a typical lightning bolt. But Scott Waring, the alien researcher, believes the orb was noticeable for too long for it to be considered as a ball lightning. He claimed that the mysterious object had shown signs of intelligent movements. He further added that it had a second light ring around it in one image

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  1. The story mentions a thunderstorm shortly after this sighting, and according to the sound, it’s a pretty windy day. Maybe it’s a balloon or some type of debris that was caught in the swirling winds, especially the winds that precede a thunderstorm. It’s interesting that when the object got close to them it was out of focus, just saying.

      • I don’t believe it is.
        Quote, ‘ Hovering above the woodland for 15 minutes’.

        Flat terrain around the object, such irregular turbulence more likely occurs in strong winds around uneven terrain or populated areas with buildings which also radiate heat also.
        Object seems to make figure 8 maneuvers together with at least one sharp right angle movement which may be down to perspective but as the object does not seem to get larger or closer while doing these then I would assume it is over the same area before moving up and over the camera.
        I would also wonder how large this object is due to the size of the buildings to the left which looks the same distance away (also down to perspective) and height of the trees which seem to be approx 30+ feet tall.
        If it is a controlled vehicle then I have no other theory as to their purpose of such maneuvers other than either they are just ‘having fun’ or have technical or signal issues.
        Does anyone else notice a ‘wake’ or trailing disturbance to the object when it passes up into the darker clouds and over head when it goes blurred ?.
        I have watched it several times as far.
        So where is the second perspective footage ?.

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