Illinois UFO Sighting: Orb Capture on Video


Despite well-liked belief, the word UFO is an abbreviation of an Unidentified Flying Object. Apparently, the word does not signify a flying saucer or a spaceship. In fact, it applies to an object captured in the sky. Since it is unidentified, it is not readily identified by the observer. This may apply to unusual weather conditions or military plane that are not commonly noticed in the human eyes. Because they are rare, people connect them with aliens and spacecraft.

Yes, it is rare but the occurrences are increasingly becoming a standard sighting. Day by day, several witness report sightings on their vicinities. These witnesses range from professional pilots, celebrities, and the random public. In Oak Park, IL, one witness claimed to have captured an unidentified object when he tried to capture a video of a storm cloud currently emitting the heat lightning. The said occurrence happened on the back porch of the house. But later on, the witness discovered that it caught something else other than the indeed shooting. He reported seeing a streak of light that cannot be explained or rationalized. Since he could not identify, he filed the sighting as a Case 68838 from the MUFON witness reporting database.

As he slowed down the video and showed it to friends, the latter could not identify what the objects were.  The so-called orb appears eleven seconds in. The sighting seems to be a glowing orb that is moving in a downward motion. The movement moves toward the ground level. Sam Maranto, the Illinois MUFON State Director and Roger Laurella, the Assistant State Director are both investigating. The report was being filed on July 31, 2015, by the witness, as advised by the latter’s friends.

Regardless of what individuals say about their sightings in the past, extraterrestrial sightings are still practically regular occurrences. Admit it! Lots if different sighting is being reported day by day.

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  1. When I look for sights that want to speak about subjects like UFOs or paranormal activities, I look for sites that know how to present the stories in proper English. It makes the site note worthy and I tend to take it seriously. These subjects written here get enough ridicule because of the material presented and using improper grammar does not help to get new readers or followers in this subject matter. Case in point…

    “Lots if different sighting is being reported day by day.”

    Really?? How can people take this site seriously if the stories being written are wrote in this fashion? Come on people, get the correct sentence structure right. It’s so hard to take this site seriously.

    Try this sentence instead…
    “Lots of different sightings are being reported day by day.”

    • the person or people editing these stories are not of the english language. they are making an effort to try and speak well, but yes there are funny mistakes. i’ve learned to read between the lines, and do the corrections in my head.

  2. I think you should understand, that whoever is presenting this site, is not a native English speaker. However they do very well, and I wish I could speak their language as well as they speak English.
    It actually doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they mean, and it’s a great sight for all things strange. 🙂

  3. Rather than denigrate the site and its editor, I posted the following a few days ago…as a comment to different video/story:

    I enjoy receiving your update daily. Thank you. While your use of English is quite good, and normally conveys the gist of the piece, this particular story suffers due to poor syntax. If you like, you could email to me what you are intending to post and I could alter a few prepositions, articles and verb tenses to take care of clarity. Former teacher, now retired. I believe you have my email. Thx.

  4. I don’t like to jump to conclusions as to what this may be. I am smart enough o realize that I do not know much about chemical reactions of gasses in the atmosphere and I also know nothing about aliens, or UFO sightings. I lost sight of the object by the time I got to the i55 exit because I kept driving on my way to work.

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