UFO Footage: Something Strange At Space Station Leading To Conspiracist Claims


From nearly day one of the modern UFO eras, the subject has been associated and clouded with all sorts of conspiracy theories – official censorship and deliberate cover-ups of information and releases of disinformation. Of course, there are things that need to be kept secret. But not all, especially when the images were taken from credible people.

Alien Chasers think that astronauts on board are being monitored by extraterrestrials daily. As it spans across space, there is the latest video being taken from NASA footage in one of the ISS cameras. The object is in only momentarily, but also appears to be a light in color with a pinkish tail. The footage was being filmed by a watcher of NASA camera who posted the videos to the YouTube channel under Streetcap1. While some viewed it as a hoax material, he insisted that his material comes from NASA footage. The agency seems like a fuel conspiracy theorist on anomalies that is being caught on camera.

Despite enabling public access, the Ufologists claim NASA is withholding information about strange objects from the public. One UFO enthusiast at Youtube, claimed that he loved how the camera pans to the right, focusing on the object and then continues its way as if nothing happened. Since the recording appears to be dramatic, a lot of speculations have been circulating. Another commenter asked regarding the occurrence us one of a secret program trying to disclose the information by appearing it something incidental.

Well, the government would never or is not willing to share any information or knowledge with any other nation. The reason is for military advantage and national security. Hence, people were not informed if the strange sightings were your enemies or allies. As time goes by, it becomes even harder to admit to having done this.

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  1. Yep, I once saw something from the spacecam too, a grey-ish ovalshaped …thing,the sice of a dime, the cameras changed, and when the first one came back it was gone, couldn’t believe my eyes, I was so baffled that I didn’t think of taking a picture of the monitor on my table, damn

  2. Is not a surprise for me, I have Screen captures of ships approaching to ISS and gone, 34 ships around the iSS,during 7 days. Some in station ,others movinga around, specially when an operation is occurring in ISS. Terrestrial ? I Doubt it , they are too much. Somebody which want to see my photos write to jose.osioATgmail.com

  3. Yeah about time other people are seeing what i been seeing for the past year and a half not going to comment being told i said it before.

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