UFO Hovers over Chile’s Farm: Cows Fear Mutilation by Aliens


UFO occurrence, space aliens, and filmmaking technology are an exciting experience. People have been looking at documentaries on extraterrestrial sensation and space aliens lately. It is an interesting topic when you’re a believer or nonbeliever that extraterrestrial life exists and features visited this planet. Perhaps the government is too paranoid for their good, and it fears that aliens are hostile, and so our trusted leaders are making the effort to protect us. But it will be possible these extraterrestrials aren’t seriously hostile, but they’re just overly interested in learning human beings and life in general. The alien abductions, unusual implants and cattle mutilations made people perceive them as intruders. But is the strange object hovering over Chile an exception to this rule?

A video from Chile shows a panicking and rushing cow to the barn when the strange object hovered over the farm. The cow’s sight has spooked by the strange object, making the enthusiasts believe that the cow had seen them even before. When talking about animals, there is no denying of the fear of cattle mutilations because, in the past, there were occurrences where people believe the existence of cattle mutilation. Some extraterrestrial hunters believe that such mutilations are the result of alien scientists attempting to gather blood samples and genetic material from farm animals.

The video was being recorded on August 4 in the Valparaiso Region of Chile. A mounted surveillance camera caught the footage of the building at a farm in Chile. Unfortunately, some people believe that the video is fake since technology has advanced, and many people buy this to create extremely hoaxes. Video editing and picture shop has developed into the issue where most typical consumers cannot discern fact from fiction. The bad news in the skeptics is that the particular creation of fake videos or pictures would not make something cease to exist if it already should. It only serves to be able to confuse and distract people from the real extraterrestrial questions at hand.

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  1. I’m not sure about this one. Had I been filing this, I would have got a certain amount of footage with it descending, then tried to get closer. To have the film stop as the ‘UFO’ reaches ground level is very frustrating and suspicious. It could be a drone. this would frighten the cow. I rather suspect that is the answer here.

    • I agree. There’s no reason to stop filming after it went down, how can you just stop and end the video there? I believe this is a drone. Many drones have a 15 minute charge, this video is just over 13 minutes, they had to land it to recharge it. If this was actually a UFO, they would have waited until it came back up to start filming again, or try to get closer after it went down, while filming whatever happened. It’s very suspicious.

  2. I’ve never seen anything move so slowly – done? Why would a drone be flying over a farm and do they even fly so slowly/stop in mid-air? Beyond me.

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