UFOs over Guadalajara, Mexico

UFOs Mexico

Report by The Third Millennium about this mass UFO sighting that happened over Guadalajara in Mexico last year.

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  1. This reminds me of the footage taken by Delbert Newhouse (Great Falls Montana UFO sighting, 1952). Uncannily similar.

  2. They can still be balloons. The winds in the atmosphere are sometimes swirling in all different directions, there are even areas of calm like eddy’s where a balloon can seemingly stand still while the wind around that area may swirl. I think these are balloons, you can see a couple of the balloons hit an area of wind and pick up speed, no mystery here.

    • no. balloons could never move about this way. the wind does not “swirl” like that.
      there are balloons that are right next to each other, and going completely opposite directions.
      balloons would all be going in the same general direction, at the very least.
      also, these exact same orbs have appeared many times before. this is a recurring phenomena.
      and in many of the other sightings, they have simply stopped and hovered, they have made clear triangle formations, they have done many things to show they are intelligently controlled.
      and this is clearly them again.

  3. joeboken, “they can still be balloons” Yes, they “can”, doesn’t confirm that as the solution. “I think these are balloons”, means your personal opinion rather than fact or evidence. “No mystery here”. Until hard evidence comes forth, this is a mystery and the objects are ufo. Personally I would lean towards a flock of seabirds (the official explanation of the Newhouse film), but I’m not going to assume that’s the answer.
    By the way, I used to think the bird explanation of the Newhouse film was nonsense until I saw a Youtube clip of seabirds at a distance that was a dead ringer, and I had to revise my thinking.

  4. I don’t know, I understand why alot of people would say balloons, and yes the air currents are different….but I have seen balloons on mass be let go before, and as yet not seen them behave this way. so it’s difficult, is there any record of loads of balloons coming down further on, as most balloons will come down at some point, maybe many miles away, but still there should be some account of this.

  5. “MARKING?”

    Might our elders from space be trying to communicate something to us?

    Maybe some nuclear boom booms planted in the city?

  6. It’s got to be a broken weddin ballon banner r a big flock of large gulls. See a flock of gulls everyday over our house an they look an behave in the exactly the same way as the footage shows.

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