*AMAZING* UFO sighting filmed over Hahira, Georgia 31-Aug-2015

UFOs over Georgia
Georgia UFO sighting

Here’s one really interesting footage that was filmed by night vision webcam in Hahira in Georgia. This happened on 31st August 2015 at 11:26 pm.

Witness report: 6 light objects in straight line formation moving forward past camera
video found on webcam this morning. Six objects appearing bright in straight line formation moving through the woods at night toward our webcam and passing by. this wildlife webcam is stationary to a pine tree approximately 4 foot off the ground. Video does not have the best clarity. not sure if it could possibly be some type of night birds. the deer in the video appears to look nervous after passing. there is no sound available on the video camera. also the direction the lights come from are thick brushy woods.

Source: MUFON

I just noticed that I received a report 4 years ago about the similar sighting over Georgia. You can check out out at this link, it happened on 25th July 2010.

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  1. Totally fake, you can see it in front of the tree in the background for the whole video, how can it have started in front of the tree? It never looked like it was behind that tree as it was coming close.

  2. In the 3 sec. mark there is a light and the deer tail react to it it happen really fast i don’t know what it is, can anybody help me with this?

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