A Video Shows Mysterious Lights of Unknown Black Triangle


UFO enthusiasts left baffled after viewing a video recording of a black triangle UFO above a house in San Diego. On the first look at the video, it appears that someone has taped the light in his back garden. However, after a closer look, one can see a large, black triangular objects hovering silently.

UK government have been investigating sightings such as this one, which usually involved three to four lights that formed a black triangle. The cameras installed around the UK Air Defence Region executive summary to monitor unidentified aerial phenomena have been recording similar UFOs.

Twitter account @BIGkidGeorgie recorded the latest video and uploaded it to the online social networking service.

On March 30, 1990, a black triangle was spotted hovering above the city of Eupen, Belgium for several minutes.

Exactly three years later, on March 30, 1993, witnesses identified the same craft moving at low speed, estimated to be around 41 miles per hour, from Cornwall to Shropshire in six hours.

Another similar famous sighting was the so-called Phoenix Lights, which featured the appearance of some unidentified black triangular objects that were caught on camera on March 13, 1997, hovering over Arizona.

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  1. I have seen two UFO’s in the last 5 years. I’ve always been interested in them but not really a believer.

    The most recent sighting was last Thursday around 11 pm EDT. I was out walking my dog and a bright whitish/yellow light in the Northern sky caught my eye and it was moving slowly Southward. I ran into the house and grabbed my binocs. I like to look at and identify the planes coming and going from the local municipal airport so I have a very good idea of what is a normal plane and what is not.

    The UFO I saw Thursday was silent and had a bright whitish light on the very front and two red lights on the front and back of the craft which was diamond shaped. The body of the craft was black and the only way I could tell it was diamond shaped was because the body blocked out the stars in the clear night sky. I couldn’t tell what altitude it was at so I can’t even guess what it’s size was. Ir slowly headed South until out of sight.

    The other sighting I had was 5 years ago. I was walking my elderly dog around 11pm EDT on a clear and cold November night when a red light coming from the North caught my eye. I was trying to hurry my old dog along to get to my binocs in the house be he wasn’t going to be hurried so I had to just monitor the UFO.

    It was completly silent but I could make out a bright red orb dead center of the triangle and three green unblinking lights. It was also black. Once i got back to the house I could see the object heading South and once I fetched the binocs the UFO was gone.

    Not sure what I’m seeing in the night sky of Northern OH but there is a pattern. Both objects travel from North to South on nights with very little or no moonlight at all.

    They are silent. Perhaps that’s due to altitude?

    I have read and heard some interesting DOD projects concerning lighter than air stealth ships.

    I have 3 different friends who have seen the same objects in the Ohio sky over the last several years so i know I’m not just seeing things.

    looks like I’ll be purchasing a good Nikon camera with a telescopic lens soon!


    Snake Plisken

  2. I seen 3 triangle ufo’s on a cold January night in 2003 in the High Desert of California and will NEVER forget it..they all had orange lights and there lights blinked in a Simon fashion ( the Simon game ) ….they hovered above us while me and my late husband stared at amazement…they hovered approximately 20-30 seconds and then were gone….poof gone…no sound no nothing…..no sonic boom…nothing …and yes I feel we are not alone on this huge universe..

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