Doughnut-shaped object over Vero beach, Florida 8-Sep-2015


Here’s one interesting video of a bright circle that was flying over Vero beach in Florida. This was seen and filmed on 8th September 2015.

Witness report: Bright star-like object moving at rapid speed with no sound
I woke up for work around six and went outside to take the dog out and smoke a cigarette. As I open the door I saw a bright star like object moving from the west towards me which was east then it took a slight northeastern flight path. To my naked eye it just look like a bright star but after viewing the video that I shot of it I realize that it was a doughnut shaped object.

Source: MUFON

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  1. was that you that moved your camera at the end, making it appear as though the thing shot away? or did it actually shoot away? anyways it looked very freaky! what happened after?

  2. a light against a black background. Not enough info. to make any sort of evaluation unfortunately as there is no frame of reference.

  3. Check out my old photo’s on this web site under, lights over cheshire. These photo’s were taken in 2010 and they are the same doughnut shape, good hunting, best wishes to all Rose x

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