Amazing triangle-shaped formation over Russia

Triangle UFO
Triangle UFO over Russia

Check out this fascinating triangle-shaped object that was hovering somewhere in Russia for a very long time. This was allegedly recorded earlier in September 2015.

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  1. If we assume this video is genuine, pray tell me which country has developed an aircraft that can hover silently for over 10 minutes, can change the angle of hover with silent ease, can accept what looks like a docking with an incomiung silent craft or unit, and can disappear without a trace, again, silently? There are some who have indicated that they think this is not alien, so, I ask them, what do you actually think it is? Let’s have some indication other than a tick in a box.

  2. I clicked on this expecting less. It’s quite an interesting clip.
    Assuming it’s real, i’d guess it’s something relatively small. Maybe a drone? It’s rare I don’t have a ready explanation, but to me at least, this one remains unidentified.

  3. I had an experience with 3 other people of an object looked like a star then one of my children said it was moving. We were around Lonaconing, Md just getting on 68 East. Then as we got on the highway this bright light object was above us traveling the same direction. Then off to the right side of our vehicle, we noticed another object like a star headed right toward the first object. We all thought they were gonna crash. All I remember is a lot of brightness and then the second object flew immediately westward, behind us and was completely gone. The first object still in front of us seemingly going the same speed as us heading eastbound. At this same time my oldest daughter called me totally hysterical. She said her car stopped in the middle of an intersection. Wasn’t out of gas. We stayed on the phone almost this entire time. I told her what we experienced and told her that I think we are all having a ufo experience. She was totally hysterical and I couldn’t hardly talk to her. We got off the highway at the Lavale exit to meet her. This object kept going eastward at same pace above the highway. Seeing this video reminded me of that time because of seeing that other white object come from the sky and join the others. Don’t know what it was. I’ve had many experiences since childhood. One verified by newspaper articles of October 1972 in Baltimore, MD I knew I was about 10 at that time but was an adult trying to find answers and had my library in Cumberland, MD check with library in Baltimore for me. I was given articles from The Baltimore Sun and The News American newspapers where “ufos” were reported. Even reported by a medivac helicopter pilot. I believe that something weird is going on. Don’t know what it is but I believe we all have a right to know.

  4. Good capture! Too bad it stopped filming…how did it eventually disappear? very well filmed. Seen something similar filmed awhile ago…as Spock would say, “fascinating”

  5. My daughter and I saw (almost) the exact same thing St. Louis MO USA over the last 3 nights. She could capture it with her camera but the lights were red, green and white and remained in the sky after dark for hours. They did not shift and appeared to be grouped together. Binoculars were very helpful. I would never have believed it if I did not see this with my own eyes. Could not sleep after witnessing this event. The first time was Sept 9th 2015 at 2:45 AM. My daughter was getting water and looked out our kitchen window and noticed several of these “things”? Awe-inspiring and a bit frightening. We felt so vulnerable.

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