Really strange sighting over Hollywood, Florida 2-Sep-2015


Check out this interesting footage taken by a security guard. This happened in Hollywood in Florida on Wednesday, 2nd September 2015. What do you think about this phenomena?

Witness report: solid white ball of light, had no physical qualities, had no shadow of solid object
Overnight Security at a construction site. Sitting in the NE corner of the property with a female security guard. We both look up and see it, I immediately record the object moving and take pictures of it. After it was gone I took pictures and video of the flight trail. The ufo was white and very bright. It appeared as a solid ball of light showing no shadow of a solid object like a plane or rocket. It flew into the sunrise and was no longer visible after flying behind a cloud, even though the trail was still visible up until the point it disappeared at. To travel from the coast to thay point of about 1.5 miles, it took a solid 2 minutes.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Yup, check any news outlet and you can find information about the rocket launch. I live in central Florida and saw this too. Was really beautiful watching it light up the sky the way it did.

  2. There was a launch of a rocket around those parts on that evening and the footage looks exactly like the picture here. Perhaps you should google it. Cheers

  3. I was doing my morning star gazing at my home leaning on my car.In Boynton beach florida. Sipping coffee when I spotted a tiny ufo perhaps an orb coming from the west.once it made it over the ocean. The sky opened up as if it was a movie screen being cut by a box cutter.A huge disk came thru a split second latter fire was present on the edges. Typical of reentry. Then it shrunk down in size and headed south. September 2nd 2015.

  4. This was not a rocket launch. I observed it from Largo, Florida. It appeared out of no where, almost due east of me lighting up the area of the sky like a super bright halogen flash light does. It was a bright light(orb)moving horizontally basically from north to south. It’s appearance started much farther south than where the Kennedy space center is at from my position. The pictures shown on main stream news are from other launches.

  5. I witness this object.. I was in Gaston sc at 6:22 am headed to Ridgeland sc. I tried to take a photo but I was driving my vehicle.. it was exactly how you described it.

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