Spotters Seen ‘Reptilian Shape-Shifting Alien Ship’ Over Russia


In most cases, the Unidentified Flying Objects are linked to hoaxes, not because they are a product of imagination, but because the sighting being reported are too incredible to be true.  Among the objects seen by different witnesses throughout the world are a triangular-shaped object, extraterrestrial craft, strange lights, and a shadow of humanoid or alien-like creature and objects of a different shape. In Russia, it sounds like there will be another object that is being added. After the sighting, a group of sky gazers released a film that shows a strange object trying to hide the clouds. The question is, is it an alien craft or more than that?

This extraordinary video shows a weird “shapeshifting reptilian” vessel whizzing through the skies over Russia. The description was from those who firmly believe in aliens. It was the SecureTeam10 who released the striking phone-filmed footage. They are a group that specializes in revealing “damning” facts of creature from outer space visitations. This indistinct community of alien spotters released footage recently of a strange Black Knight strange object as well as other mysterious craft zooming past the International Station. The other object is in a “warp speed”.

According to the SecureTeam10, the filmmaker saw the object when the break in the clouds happened. Afterward, he decided to use his phone and start filming and focusing on the cloud in the desire to document the viewed object. Extraterrestrial believers see the footage as evidence that there is a strange alien creature visiting the Earth. While some observers said it was similar to a mystery machine that followed a young child, the craft was believed to be “reptilian” in origin. Others also suggested that the strange object on the footage was being edited through computer graphics by a person who wants to get some attention. However, the most favourite explanation is from one YouTube user named Ruckus Bird, describing it as a Batman.

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  1. Where does the author get “reptilian” from? If they are seriously expecting people to take note of these videos please don’t add subject matter that should not be there.

  2. Looks like a photo shop job to me. By the way, when did it “shape-shift”? All it did was rotate a little. My vote is fake, all the way.

  3. Looks like a photo shop job to me. By the way, when did it “shape-shift”, and what was Reptilian about it? All it did was rotate a little. My vote is fake, all the way.

  4. The source is of this video is a known hoaxer. It doesn’t do any good posting this fake material. It is fake. Make no mistake they monetize advertisement from their youtube videos. UFOs are not their motivation, making money is. There is never a source for the video, ever with Secure Team. It is straight hoax material made on Secure Team’s computers to generate income by gullible suckers like us.

  5. When you have a channel on YouTube dedicated to making as much money as possible you will go out of your way to get as many views as possible. Making bad fakes doesn’t seem to be that hard it seems but making a really good one is. At 39 seconds you clearly see an artifact from the rendering. #duped

  6. Secure Team and the reprehensible ThirdPhaseOfTheMoon are known purveyors of SFX, faked attrocities. What a bunch of bellends. Avoid. There are real videos out there and this stuff does nothing but hurt genuine UFO investigations.

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