UFO sighting filmed over Commerce City, Colorado 16-Sep-2015


These orbs were seen and filmed in the daytime sky above Commerce City in US state Colorado. Witness reports that they first moved irradical then it disappeared. This happened on 16th September 2015.

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  1. I seen one yesterday 09/16/15 in day time,it hovered slow stopping,when I catched the other one close to it.Then after 5-10 minutes after there reporting to each other,I guess!The same one started going the same direction I seen it come from,while the other stood still then to disappear.Ive been seeing these objects 3-4 times or more a week.i took videos and pics.

  2. I saw between 6 and 12 while driving along Sable in Aurora on Sunday night, October 11, 2015. There were others that were further away, nearer the airport, so I am imagining this has something to do with the Military. It seemed that when I tried to get a look at the one nearest the ground, it had blinking lights like an airplane. No one else seemed to notice, lol, but they were very bright and looked exactly like the orbs in the picture above.

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