UFOs over street lights in Brighton, UK

Brighton UFOs

Here’s a new footage of a huge craft with bright lights that was hovering in the night sky above Brighton in United Kingdom. This happened yesterday (28th September 2015).

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  1. It isn’t extraterrestrials that we need to worry about, it’s humans. Doesn’t look like us….won’t talk to us……won’t give up technology that’ll make me rich, soooo lets kill it and grab some lunch. Yeah, killing things makes me hungry! Me too!

  2. Hi,
    What i saw / filmed that evening was of the et form, for certain, infact no doubt. With the naked eye, you could see what would only be described as a metalic disk, morphing only showing a small proportion of itself and kind of morphing back into these moving multi coloured lights
    Thanks for watching

    • What happened next…..??..would have been good if you filmed until it was gone. I believe you saw something but to make a decent judgement you need as much footage as possible and follow it until you no longer can or it just disappears. Next time keep going!

  3. hi on 29 September approx. 4.15 am in Nottingham UK I saw a very bright object . changing colour. did a sort of flip! then disappeared. There was another huge bright object close by . This didn’t move. definitely not a plane or helicopter or star. First time in my life I ever seen anything like this. I couldn’t believe my eyes

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