Evidence of Flowing Water On Mars Enough To Support Tiny Aliens


UFO enthusiast and hunter Scott Waring claimed to have discovered water on Mars. He said that he found evidence of running water in one of the photos from NASA’s Curiosity Rover on the red planet. In a picture that Waring specifically pointed out, a darkened trail of running water below the rocks in the hills lining the Gale Crater can be seen against the light colored sand.

NASA scientists have reported evidence of dark streaks that could be the evidence of intermittent water flows, but they still have to find actual sources of flowing water on Mars. NASA also discovered the existence of hydrated minerals in the Hale Crater region just recently.

In a statement issued last September 28, NASA scientists said that they discovered hydrated salts when seasonal features were the widest. With this finding, they concluded that the source of the hydration is either the dark streaks or the process that forms them.

Waring suspected that NASA planned to keep the discovery of flowing water on Mars a secret. The agency is also attempting to cover up the finding, but UFO hunters made the hiding and covering up attempts impossible, added Waring.

By looking at the photo with apparent marks of flowing water, Waring believes Mars has enough amount of water to sustain a race of tiny aliens, which he thinks responsible for the making of statues, walls, and other structures on the Red Planet that other UFO hunters discovered.

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  1. I believe that not only Mars but all the planets of our solar system have advanced life . The Martians say they live mainly under the surface . This information comes from Sir George King who was contacted in 1954 by then to pass on their views to mankind .the prime directive which states that they the ETs must not interfere with our free will applies ,they get round this by working thought human channels who have been especially prepared . If your wondering who Sir George King is then our so called mainstream media have done their job well . These days I don’t believe a word they say apart from the football results .

  2. How tiny? I was trying to go for something funny, but in all seriousness, Once we get there, will see for ourselves. Since those going to Mars will not be returning home and if there is life on mars, are we invading? colonizing?

  3. your comment was very funny and very true . and if your right all we would have to do is stand on them as we step down after landing so the job is done .and not a single shot fired lol

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