A UFO With An Alien On Board Lands On An Indian Village and Takes Photographs


Indian people claim they have spotted a UFO making landing in their village with a humanoid figure emerging from what they described as a red spacecraft.

The UFO reportedly landed in the village of Kanagal, Periyapatna in the Indian district of Mysore. Agricultural workers in a field near the village claimed they noticed the UFO at around 2 p.m.

The workers apparently saw a red spacecraft that emerged from the clouds, landed shortly, and took off again quickly with flashes and sparks.

Sightings of flying humanoid or people are common. In fact, such sightings have happened long before the interest of aliens or flying saucers.

After the details of the sighting had been reported, alien and UFO enthusiasts flocked to the village to interview locals who claim to have spotted the spacecraft and the humanoid figure.

Women villagers claimed the UFO descended about 500 feet from them, and they could see a humanoid figure. The sighting occurred on October 1, 2015.

Another group of women who worked in paddy fields reported having seen an alien humanoid figure dressed in orange emerging from a red spacecraft with flashes and sparks around it. The humanoid figure took multiple pictures before going back to the craft and taking off quickly.

Here’s the clip of the similar sighting over India from a few years ago.

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  1. Your site is becoming lamer every day by posting the fakes and hoaxes you are becoming just like beforeitsnews and just like Scott Waring, soon we will put you on the UFO Blacklist……….

  2. I’m not the type of person to call somebody a lier. If a group of farmers came to me stating they saw a UFO land near them, I’d believe them.

  3. “The sighting occurred on October 1, 2015.” What’s the source here? That youtube video? It’s 2 years old. Serious, redcommended ufo sites anyone?

  4. It appears this may be the 2nd sighting of same in Russia
    Russia: Giant UFO Causes People To Run Away In Fear? Pictures of UFO’s are quite similar.??

  5. These space travelers land in the village of Kanagal, Periyapatna. Does anyone know where that is? Not to be disrespectful of someone’s homeland, but I have never heard of it. I wish they would land someplace less remote.

  6. Some of these reported sightings that are published here are beginning to read like tabloid sensationalism. Entertainment value only…Let’s get serious…

  7. Hi, This news is partially true. The place Kanangal is in the state of Karnataka, My family is located in this state. I am abroad. This news was in tabloids like India Today and supposed to have occured on 2nd Oct. if I remember well.

  8. Samasta Loka Sukhina Bhavantu. = All Living Planets and Living Organisms live in Peace and Happiness with Prosperity.
    Om Sri Sai Ram 09981086599. Bhopal (m.p.) India

  9. Looks like idiots are using this UFO website. This was an encounter from South Indian village. People dont even have money to buy food and you expect camera? Everything is unbelievable for a idiot who believes only what he sees.

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