Texas Bright Light Turns Out To Be A UFO


A witness from Texas reported that her 10-year-old daughter photographed an unknown bright light from their moving vehicle while in Frisco. They later discovered that the light was a cylinder-shaped UFO, according to the MUFON Case 71761.

The witness and her daughter were travelling south with their car along Warren Street when the latter snapped a photo of the UFO. According to the reporting witness, her daughter was amazed at the brilliant light coming from that side. Her daughter then took out her phone and took a picture. They quickly realized that the direction wasn’t the spot where natural sunlight came from. When the child looked at her phone, she noticed that the mysterious object was hovering to their right side.

They did not see anything in the sky from a distance in the spot where her daughter captured a UFO in a photograph. However, the lights seemed to be so bright when they got closer. That was the time her daughter took a picture of it.

The reporting witness provided one image with the MUFON report, which was filed on 22 October 2015. Texas MUFON investigator Thomas Diamond looked into the case and closed it as Unknown.

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  1. ALL these sightings around the world now are at an all time high and is all part of the coming great deception and are DEMONIC entities .there is a war going on for control of the earth between good and evil . is mentioned in the bible and ancient scriptures and text AS there is two sides to the UFO theory and the other is interdimensional beings which is getting to be more popular now . the fallen angels have advanced technology and can manifest into any form or craft and been seen to shapeshift in flight . we live in strange times right now and seeing is believing so keep your eyes to the skies and camera ready YOU just never know what you may see ….

    • what if one is not religious, or is an agnostic. what should their opinion be? since they don’t know if God and the bible exist, is their opinion just as important as yous?

  2. YES everybody has there right for what they believe its free thought and NO you dont have to believe in GOD OR THE BIBLE all i said was what i believe could be true and YES i do believe in a god as our creator .and yes i do believe in satan as you cannot have one without the other .. good and evil does exist its everywhere . YES to your question everybodys opinion is as important as mine and maybe more so . thanks for your comments ..

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