Air Force On Alert After Two UFO Sighting Reports Over IGI Airport


Many tourists visit Delhi for sight-seeing, but witnessing a UFO over the national capital of India is something unheard. Security agencies at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi have been on high alert after two reports of UFO sightings.

Two people at different locations reported a suspicious flying object, which was enough to order inquiry into it. As of the moment, the Indian Air Force has a direct order to shoot down any suspicious flying entity or UFO.

An Air Vistara pilot from Bhubaneshwar reported on October 29 that a laser beam distracted him at the time of landing. The flight carried hundreds of passengers when the distraction happened. Another sighting was reported from the Air Traffic Control tower. An Indian Air Force member saw a flying object at around 10:44 AM IST on October 30. He reportedly noticed two more objects at 10:50 AM IST and 10:55 AM IST, respectively.

The IAF has been instructed to keep strict monitoring. Delhi Police, Officers of the Intelligence Bureau, Central Industrial Security Force, and Bureau for Civil Aviation Security, are scheduled to meet and discuss the event.

Delhi Police has prohibited the use of any laser beams or similar things by a group or individual, in and around the IGI airport. If the reporting witnesses are telling the truth, there’s definitely a direct violation of the law. However, the more important question is about the origin of the UFO and the laser beam.

An unknown space object is about to crash on November 13, 2015, into the Indian Ocean. However, the sightings at IGI were likely not space debris. It will be naïve to dismiss the sightings as acts of mischief. But fueling theories regarding UFO sightings will only please the conspiracy theorists, and upset the other a lot.

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  1. let them reports keep gushing in i love it. sooner or later the governments of the word will have acknowledge that this is too big to keep a secret for much longer!

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