“Foo Fighter UFO” Travels Near the ISS


A NASA feed from the ISS appears to capture a glowing white craft. A second white UFO has been recorded on video close to the International Space Station (ISS) as well. The live stream from the orbiting base shows strange white light glowing in the blackness of space.

YouTube channel Hidden Cams posted the video online on November 4, 2015. It shows the UFO moves out of shot gradually.

It could be a piece of space debris flying around the cosmos. However, it’s the second time in two days that an object has been caught passing the space station.

In an earlier video, camera operator of NASA pans left and then zooms in on a brilliant light.

The UFO looks like one of the fierce foo fighters described by fighter pilots during World War II. Because of the light’s brightness, the camera can’t focus properly.

The object also seems to track the ISS as it is moving at the same speed behind it. The astronauts on board the ISS look like they are showing concern about the glowing object close to them, so perhaps the public should be too.

However, identifying a UFO as a foo fighter doesn’t offer the public much knowledge about it and who controlling it.

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  1. spotted ufo over hartford Ct. Autumn of 79/80 emitting elec. energy about entire surface perimeter,Appeared behind radar sweep bradlee air. stopped above my vehicle turned on edge and made immediate 90 degree turn towards ocean, held altitude as preset at approx,1000ft. glued to landscape depressions, in and out of complete visual range approx 5/10 sec. I was in north of hartford, 3/5 mi. on rt.91 southbound time approx 2 pm way past our equiptment, serious, serious vehicle est. speed undetermined, clear day, thought at first a glair on glass until I followed it above my car, looking straight up at it outside of my vehicle with my head out drivers window exactly above my car,Stopped standing on its edge. spraying elec. out of entire area of parimeter, like it was a ele. motor using our earthly polarity, Still cant believe what I witnessed, 7 others not so lucky, saw it and went straight to hartford police for report, which I heard on radio when getting home

  2. Full screen viewing knocked my socks off. Maybe it was a UFO. I saw this video twice, but I can’t say with any certainty what it is. It is a UFO. Unidentiied…and it is flying.

  3. these orbs /ufos have been tracked by NASA for many years and sceptics and science alike have always explained them away as .. ice crystals /or camera reflections etc . and sometimes have been known to cut LIVE FEED . obviously they have something to hide . some have been seen stopping and making fast right angle turns which means they are under intelligent control.

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