Amazing UFO sighting filmed over Indonesia – November 2015


This interesting footage was just submitted to me through our report form. It was allegedly filmed over Indonesia earlier this month.

What do you think about this footage?

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  1. So, the person with the camera just got bored after a minute and decided to stop. Such a shame that thousands of other people within sight of this don’t have handheld cameras at their disposal.

    • sometimes, thousands of people don’t see a ufo at once. sometimes, the ufo “chooses” who it wants to be seen by. but yes, i understand the quick stop is ridiculous.

  2. Awesome video, but not clear whether the audio recording was switched off or not. However, many years ago I was been pursued by a real UFO over approx 15 minutes. When I stopped with my motorbike on a nocturnal ride over the rural streets, the UFO hovered some meters from me in pale white light. After some minutes it disappeared by simply flown straight upwards into the dark skies in unbelievable acceleration. It took time of less of 2 seconds before it got out of sight. All over the time there was no single noise from that UFO, when it followed me closely in close distance. I was not in any fear, in contrary I tried to build a contact. But from ‘somewhere’ I received a reply which said: ‘No contact just right now’. I felt easy and happy anyway. Unfortunately I have had no camera with me. But sorry, it was in the middle of 1970 years, and Digi-Cams were not available. And who would have taken a film-camera onto a nightly motorbike ride???

  3. Amazing catch! Unfortunately there’s no significant part of the movie that can be tied to a specific region in Indonesia. Is there anything more specific about the location stated on the report?

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