Canadian Group Plans To Launch A Satellite For UFO Hunting

Dave Cote

The hunt for evidence of space UFOs visiting earth could take to an entirely new level as a satellite could be placed into orbit.

Canadian developers plan to put up a satellite in low-earth orbit with specialised camera and equipment that can detect radiation in a bid to catch the first ever conclusive video of an alien ship.

The Crowdsourcing Indiegogo campaign project needs to appeal funds amounting $50,000 or £33,000 for the development and launching of the Cubesat for Disclosure.

The disclosure movement alleges that space agencies, including NASA, can detect UFOs and aliens, but prefer to withhold the truth from the public because of fear of the impact of knowledge on higher beings to authority and religion on Earth.

Indiegogo wants to put the project in the citizens’ hand, so they can take over the search for extraterrestrial life.

The planned satellite will feature a scintillation counter to check ionizing radiation levels. High readings could mean the presence of alien craft. The satellite will also have two cameras to record a 360-degree view regularly.

Software engineer Dave Cote developed the idea with fellow researchers. In a promotional video, he said that government, military and media have made a bold attempt discrediting the idea of space aliens despite many sightings and events.

Cote added that military and governments have spent vast amounts of finances to study these UFOs and aliens secretly in the face of their apparent disbelief of the subject.

Cote said that their project goal was to use a low-orbit satellite to study possible objects in the earth’s atmosphere controlled by them and the people. Contributors of $100 or £66 can get access to CubeSat data and those who contribute $500 or £330 can actively involve and take still images.

If the campaign is successful, the CubeSat will be launched through the IOS Interorbital Company.


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  1. It’s high time we took the control away from the governments that refuse to be truthful about the UFO’s here in our sky. As long as this group is doing this for the science and proof of alien crafts (not for popularity), then I wish their mission much success. We all know how secretive our governments are and to the extent of making huge cover-ups for their benefit. It’s up to the people of this planet to go on their own and gather up all information/proof of extraterrestrial life. So many of us are ready for the conformation of ET lifeforms. While I feel this is a step in the right direction, all I really need to do is understand that what I see and proof I find myself, is all that needs to be believed. I don’t need others to confirm what I already know.

  2. It’s about time ! You can bet the Us Government will do everything in their power to stop or figure out a way to access the link and disable or have the sat ‘ change coarse then burn up in the atmosphere . they can even say it is a spy sat, Then try to get all public launches banned.


  4. go ahead and send one out there and see what happens if someone shoots it down build another then another untill they cant cover up anymore the world is intrigued

  5. So glad they are doing this. Interested to see the coverup stories governments will publish to discredit the images and millions of people seeing ufo’s and experiencing contact on a regular basis.

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