Green orbs flying over Parker, Colorado – August 2015


This UFO sighting video was just submitted to mufon. It was taken over Parker in Douglas County, Colorado on 9th August 2015.

Witness report: 4 red and 4 green orbs, changing to one, fast right angle moves
sitting on back porch just after the sun set behind mountains. noticed 4 round green lights in a line and 4 round red lights in a line. they moved away from each other at both high speeds and low speeds. they would hovers as if facing one another. One zoomed off and then stopped and appeared as just another star. The four orbs became one. one red and one green, they would fly at various speeds and angles, many miles apart from one another.
was able to get short video of one orb moving and changing from solid green to solid red. it never lost its round shape during this change or movement. the other orbs flew away at amazing speed and vanished. just simply amazing display off ability to hover, fly at light speed and turn at any angle.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. drones are going to ruin ufo videos. especially people who don’t realize what toy drones are. fortunately the vast majority of serious ufo witnesses know what the drones are and what the ufos are.

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