Canadian Police UFO Encounter


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Stories in this week’s show:

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer posts UFO interview video
  • El Salvador witness videotapes sphere UFO
  • Houston UFO twitter video

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  1. In June 2008, myself and another police sergeant,a visiting US Police Officer from North Carolina, observed a similar v.large object on the Island of Coll off the west coast of Scotland. I reported the sighting officially and was told it would be recorded as a “pencil report” and not logged on comm/control systems. This was the same day as the Cardiff Airport incident. Like the Canadian Constable, I was a confirmed cynic- especially after 29 years in the police!

  2. I would believe a Police Officer if he or she reported watching a UFO, while on duty. Police Officers have no reason to lie, and are sworn to serve and protect the civilians. America’s government officials are hiding special information from the public.

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