In Depth Analysis Of A Video Showing A Fleet Of UFOs Somewhere Near Honolulu, Hawaii


New UFO images and videos come out almost every day all over the Internet for everyone to interpret. Here’s one that may make you believe, at first glance, that a video captured a fleet of alien orbs, maneuvering oddly somewhere near Honolulu, Hawaii.

Earth & Space News YouTube channel posted a video on October 21, 2015, which shows the UFOs hovering, moving fast, darting back and forth, merging with each other, and blinking in and out in unison.

While the video appears to show an unusual catch of strange lights in the sky, it has been hounded with credibility issues.

First, the exact date and time of the video and the videographer’s identity are not revealed. No information that could help any research about the sighting and the video. Moreover, the video itself has many visual problems.

According to Ben Hansen, ex-lead investigator of “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files,” of Syfy Channel, the video is a product of computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Hansen points out several reliability issues in different segments of the video. Hansen says that at :26, the orb on the far left of the screen takes a short jog back and forth that didn’t appear it was intended. Hansen stresses that this happens throughout the video. He suggests that this seems to be the “evidence of poor anchoring of the object to a fixed reference point.”

Hansen says that the one responsible for the video does an excellent job of tracking the animation layer over the background, but it could also be filmed off a projected screen to present the impression of zooming in and out with a handheld camera.

Also a former FBI special agent, Hansen says the blinking lights that all go out at the same time could be an indication of laziness in editing because it is much easier to turn off the entire animation layer than adjust each light to fade in and out individually.

Another problem that Hansen points out is the awkward interactions between some clouds and the orbs.

They had some troubles with clouds and rotoscoping (making the software determine what objects to treat as separate layers). At 4:50, an orb is moving upward through the cloud. Then, it disappears through the edge of it as if it was behind the cloud. But, it then travels straight down, and now it’s on top of the cloud. They either forgot it was supposed to move behind it, or they just got lazy and didn’t think it would be noticed, according to Hansen.

After a closer look, there’s another visual problem with the clouds. At around the 6:20 mark, as the horizon occasionally bounces up and down from camera movement, the clouds above it remain in the same spot. Typically, they should also bounce.

Another issue about the video is that it is similar to the one posted by YouTube channel Finding UFO on March 14, 2013. Both channels offered the same video more than two years apart, and both of these channels did not provide any necessary information about its origin.

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  1. something fishy about this film. everytime the camera adjusts the objects disappear or skip around. the film is not smooth flowing. that gives it away as cgi.

  2. For once I would like to see a vid of a UFO in the sky and then land. Not a bunxh of lights that could be anything>
    Not that I don’t believe, I’ve seen them myself as, machines, and I have never seen them with lights on them.

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