Man In California Spots Hovering UFO Above The Ocean


A man in Canada has captured an incident that he believed involved a hovering UFO 200 feet over the ocean while he was out on a camping trip.

Mr Sheppard, who was sleeping under the sky with his wife near Kensington, Prince Edward in Canada, filmed the bizarre light.

In a description about the video, Mr Sheppard narrates that he sees flashing bright, on and off. It reminds him of a dreidel or a spin top. He adds that it’s very big and appears heavy as well. From Mr Sheppard perspective, he says it’s about 200 or 300 feet above the ocean. He notes no land in from of him.

“It’s very bright, the lights are very bright. I’d say it’s probably well over a kilometer away, but it’s big so it could be even further and it’s really emitting a glow. It’s lighting up quite an area around it.”

The reporting witness is very certain it’s not a ship because they can see the bottom of object above the water.

Mutual UFO Network YouTube channel uploaded the video on December 15.

Canadian Field investigator Geoff Genge investigated and closed the case as Unknown in June 2014.

Genge said the witness was with his wife for an annual camping trip. Mr Sheppard saw a bizarre, massive light out over the ocean to the north while his wife was asleep in the tent around 11:30 pm, the report said.

Genge finds the witness’ video and photos compelling and says the descriptions are good too. The investigator says that the low resolution iPhone camera makes it hard to make out details..

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  1. One of the better releases in a long time, too bad about the resolution but still gives the whole picture and good that he was able to keep it until the object faded

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