Why NASA Doesn’t Speak About Conspiracies and UFOs?


So-called UFO investigators have been accusing NASA of covering up evidence of alien visitation on Earth and other planets, such as Mars. The accusation was formed because the U.S. Space Agency refuses to discuss or even acknowledge the supposed discoveries of images of the galaxy.

With videos, data, and the array of information that NASA has been releasing online, alien hunters can scan images from 1969 moon landings up to the latest photos beamed back from Mars and dwarf planets Ceres and Pluto. Or they can choose to watch live stream cameras from the International Space Station (ISS.)

Now and then, many claim to have discovered UFOs on the ISS live camera or any other different things in close-up images of the Martian surface, such as bears, mice, crabs, and even aliens and their homes, or remnants of ancient Martian civilizations.

NASA has dismissed most of the Mars “discoveries” as pareidolia, which is a visual phenomenon wherein the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar shapes and objects in patterns, such as the surface of a planet.

Online UFO hunters think otherwise. They think NASA has been covering up and hiding the truth from the masses, particularly shutting down quickly the ISS camera when a UFO comes in range.

However, NASA astronaut Drew Feustel said the agency just doesn’t have time to pay much attention to the media about such issues. He said that “You can’t stop people from making up stories where there aren’t any. If you want to believe the moon landing is a hoax, ok, but it is much better to accept reality.”

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  1. “Why NASA Doesn’t Speak About Conspiracies and UFOs?”
    BECAUSE Nasa has nothing to say about windows refelection.
    Stupid IDIOT

  2. I just hope you see one so you will know who the stupid IDIOT is. So when people are looking out side (no window)? Chinese lanterns!

  3. johno? I don`t know and neither do you so in the end there is absolutely nothing we can say or do about the fact. At the end of the day they are much wiser than you or I so why not just enjoy life for what it is yeah

  4. Life is an adventure. Where you go..what you do. is all up to you. But that’s not the topic here. We need to know what millions of people swear they have seen. UFO’s Aliens, The human race is going to get a big surprise. Why shouldn’t we have a right to get prepared. Don’t tell me, our leaders are trying to protect us. When these aliens do arrive openly / publicly, we have a right to choose…. Run, fight or go mad. But it is our right.

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