Cube-shaped UFO filmed over Chiapas in Mexico 15-Jan-2016


Check out this interesting footage of a cube-shaped object hovering in the sky above Chiapas in Mexico. This was seen and recorded on 15th January 2016.

What do you think about this video? Real or fake? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. What are you a FOOL !!!!!!, this youtube channel has LONG, I REPEAT, LONG time been known to be a HOAX/FAKE channel, GET A DAMN GRIP DUDE !!

  2. boy oh boy do you move the camera alot! and your focus on it is just across the street and over a field not very far away! why didn’t you just stop moving when you found it? i can understand something very far away that is tiny. but this thing is not far away, yet you are moving like there’s no tomorrow. makes it look totally phony. also, what was that other thing to the left?

  3. If the idiot that was filming would have quite moving the camera around you would be able to make a decision on whether it was a UFO or not. I think the person filming it was moving around on purpose to fuel the hoax. So therefore, it was nothing but a kite or sometime fake.

  4. It is odd that there was an earthquake in Mexico, a 6.6 near the area and it was on the 21st of January. It seems volcanoes and earthquakes attract or follow UFO’s. Strange….

  5. It is genuine but it takes an idiot to hold a camera steady yet Morons get them too. I am sure there will be no offence by the moron. Gracias Muchachos.

  6. Okay, balloon or even a paper bag caught in the wind current. The camera person seems to have problems focusing on the object. Wobbley. Un and out.

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