A Photo Seems To Provide Evidence That A UFO Once Landed On Mars


An incredible UFO sighting story came out during the holiday week last month. A new photo of the Martian surface seems to show a UFO crash site. That’s according to many UFO researchers online who are interested in sifting through thousands of photos on UFO-related incidents on the Red Planet, our moon, and any other places in the galaxy.

A video from YouTube user UFOvni2012 tries to dissect the crash site using an imaging software.

The alleged UFO’s path is 1,500 meters wide, which may involve nearly a mile wide object to create such huge impression. It appears, according to observers, that whatever large object that made a landing on this particular surface took off from the landing area eventually.

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  1. A meteor could have also done that. But to get back to Mars. You first have to actually believe we are seeing the surface of Mars which I don’t believe we have put anything past Earths lower orbit. NASA is full of contradictions and one main contradiction is how they are trying to build shuttles to make it past the van Allen belts as if they never have done that yet. The say they have to figure this out cause delicate computer parts will be destroyed if not protected. They speak as if they never made it past low orbit !

  2. Which by the way gives much Credit to a flat domed Earth that I laughed at for years but with all the test and validating Flat vs Globe it’s getting harder to laugh at. I feel like that commercial guy on the Burger King commercial that is laughing crazily cause he just got hit with fact lol. That commercial is a crack up by the way I love ..lol

  3. i truly believe that ufos can’t crash, because they are energy forms from another dimension. many sightings claim that many different types of ufos look metallic and shiny and uniform, like our aeroplanes. i think we as a people observe them this way, but really, they are not what they appear to be. as a several-times-over witness, i’ve come to NOW know this.

  4. If they’re struck by a missle or a lazer, ufo’s such as the one in Roswell can crash. For this photo to be real, something had to have happened to the ufo to go down like that. Meteor? Another ufo air to air combat? Or is this a nice fantasy? Water grows things right. So If you take a seed to mars. and a bottle of water. Wouldn’t something grow? And why not?

  5. Maybe the UFO just ran out of star dust, or whatever they are supposed to run on.
    And a 1 bottle of water wouldn’t grow anything, you’d have to have a constant source, but as I have never been to Mars, I wouldn’t know what they have there!
    And neither does anyone else, for sure.

  6. If we are not alone, and we know we are not, maybe someone from another planet was landing on Mars and taking samples as we do, then took off again.

  7. As regards plants etc. growing on the Mars surface, I heard that Mars gets as low as minus 55 degrees at night Surely this low temperature would have an effect on anything growing there? Or maybe not. Either way, it certainly made me shake my head in disbelief at A. Basiago’s declaration that he went to Mars and whilst there visited an old-timer human living in a man-made stone “house” there [complete with its own bizarre “guard animal” that he claimed bounded up to him and his colleague when approaching this “house”], as told in the original Jessica Mystic video of 2011,which wasn’t as long as this later repro which has this account at 1 hr. 26mins. 30 secs in: youtube.com/watch?v=3Exxq847GmE – surely this is entire account of a visit to Mas is preposterous if that is anything to go by!

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