Daytime UFO over San Antonio, Texas


Here’s one new daytime footage of a bright object flying across the sky above San Antonio in Texas. This was filmed on 23rd January 2016.

Witness report: Here is some Undeniable U.F.O Evidence of a UFO Orb Monitoring an Area over San Antonio,Texas…This U.F.O was clearly Under Intelligent Control…Sighting lasted about 10 min it Traveled in a Controlled Manner while Rotating in Place….As if it was Monitoring the Area you can see how it travels in a Constant Speed..At times it Stops/Hover then Change Direction…At one point it Descends clearly Under Some Sort Of Control..With Perfect Points Of Reference we can see the altitude it was traveling Speed/Direction.I followed until it was out of sight…..In my opinion this object is clearly not an aircraft or weather balloon/satellite..

Author (SAUFOTX @ Youtube)

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