Bizarre Balls Of Light Seen Over Several Different Areas In UK


Several different people reportedly spotted mysterious craft with some witnesses captured the event on their cameras.

In one of the videos, a cluster of mysterious bright objects appears to float in the sky over Kent.  It has since sparked UFO rumours among sky observers.

Jake Harvey recorded the video and uploaded it to Twitter. The footage apparently shows the sky over Folkestone.

The strange aerial things were also spotted in nearby Hythe.

Many online viewers have suggested they were flares from military ranges nearby at Hythe and Lydd.

However, MOD confirmed that no activity in there at the time of sightings. Kent Unidentified Flying Objects Research Group spokesman issued a statement saying that the coastlines in East Kent and South Kent are known as UFO hotbeds.

The spokesman further said that towns in these areas have a big number of UFO sightings on the seemingly constant basis. People are reporting UFO sightings over the Thames Estuary and the English Channel continually. The spokesman added that reported UFO sightings have increased dramatically over the years.

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    • reflections of what? how do you explain their line of sight disappearing with the advance of the overpass? no these are not reflections. they may be flares just like the story said, because it is a military base.

    • that’s because the trees are skinny and the car is going fast. that’s just an illusion of sight. so it’s not fake but it’s not ufos either.

    • are you ever a passenger in a car? do you ever see the sun or moon in the sky as you are travelling? doesn’t the sun or moon seem to follow the car along with you? that’s because the objects are far away and appear to be staying in one spot. they are not, if you notice, they are actually sinking. i think they are just flares, like the story says.

  1. Either the previous three commentators are completely lacking “common sense” not to recognize that the objects are very self luminous so appear to ‘appear’ through the trees foliage in relative motion through the background, but that they in fact are obscured by the tree trunks , roadside sighns and bridge, etc, negating their assumption of “reflections” – they are also at a far distance gicing the impression that they are stationary. Check your facts more thoroughly before you jump to an ‘obvious’ conclusion. I would encourage more thoughtful comments that this site deserves !!!

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