Mother Claims To Have Captured Real Flying Saucer


Fiona Powell, a 41-year-old mother, claims to have captured a flying saucer. Her photo shows a classic UFO hovering over Bristol’s area. According to her testimony, she was walking along the promenade on Severn Beach, near the city center, when she was amazed by the view of the clouds. She then decided to capture it on camera.

She noticed nothing strange when she took the photo. However, after several hours, he looked back at the image and spotted the unexpected, but a familiar object. A picture seems to show a dome-shaped aerial object with a thin rim around the middle.

The witness is still undecided whether to believe in aliens or not, but she finds her photo indeed meets the requirements of a UFO.

Her friend zoomed in the image, and it looked like a UFO even more. She also showed the picture to some of her wise friends, and they too were amazed of the capture.

However, the realistic thing of the picture makes some observers think it may have tampered. They say that the mother or someone related to her tempered it with Adobe Photoshop.
Others are convinced it could have been from a smartphone application, designed to add a realistic UFO in digital photos.

Some believe it is a good capture, but the image could have been a bird or jet in flight. They say it is a seagull or a fighter plane from an odd angle.

Meanwhile, believers say that it is real and people just having a hard time to accept the concept that there may be alien life. As they say, concept is more tangible than any religion.


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  1. that’s a cool picture. thank god she has “wise” friends and not “dumb” friends! and i’ve never heard anyone say “concept is more tangible than any religion” ever. that means that the idea is more touchable than religion. i think the writer meant to say that witnessing something with your own eyes is more believable than a religion that says other life doesn’t exist.

  2. It’s the wrong shape for a bird, unless they have overweight seagulls flying around in the area… color too is an issue. And I don’t care what odd angle you look at it – it’s not a plane either! As for the fly theory – wrong time of the year.

  3. Actually could be a plane at an angle or a blimp. She probably wouldn’t have noticed such a common thing as a plane when she took the pic.So not much of a mystery

  4. Dark cloud. We have seen clouds take different shapes and resemble various things. Here it is round or oval that’s all. No too much thinking please

  5. I think most of these people should ask there parents why they never learned shapes like a CIRCLE, SQUARE TRIANGLE….most people only look up 2 see if its gonna rain and ruin there shoes. wanna see sum fake stuff go 2 3rdphaseofthemoon,,,,,,horrible, complete gov scam

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