Watch Triangle UFO Above New Jersey


A witness in Hazlet, New Jersey claimed to have seen and videotaped a silent, triangular unidentified flying object with three red lights. According to the witness testimony filed in Case 53663 of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database, the witness saw the object on Christmas Eve of 2013 when he was returning from the house of a friend.

The witness was with his wife travelling along Middle Road in Hazlet, NJ when three red lights were appearing in their view. They were in triangular formation moving slowly towards the east at approximately a hundred feet over the houses on the right side of Middle Road.

To their curiosity, the reporting witness stopped his vehicle at the first house next to Airport Plaza shopping center. He took out his mobile phone and aimed it at the object. The object was over him when he started videotaping it, which began moving straight up at that moment. The witness heard no sound of it. He recorded it on video until became out of sight.

MUFON received the case on January 22, 2014. New Jersey MUFON state director Ed Dobson investigated and closed the case as unknown.

In his report, Dobson said that the object was triangular with red and white pulsating lights. The witness called the police to know if there were complaints about it, but there was none. He also claimed that his brother-in-law spotted a similar object the weekend before.

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  1. how much more phony get it get? wouldn’t you be more excited? i sure as hell would. and why doesn’t he flag down the passing vehicles? or get on the road? why do the vehicles still have power to begin with? u.f.o technology as stated by many witnesses describe an audible humming coming from the u.f.o. I think i caught Snatchquatch taking a shit up in Northern Ontario, Canada. no footage, unfortunately. :p

  2. You guys are morons. One he will not flag anyway down so he doesn’t cause a scene or most likely cause an accident. Also, looked carefully cause you can make out a triangle shape… No lanterns would stay perfect in that formation, this thing was rotating and keeping its triangle form. Lanterns wouldn’t do that and would either get closer or further apart. To think things like this can’t happen, even if it was faked(which clearly isn’t) then you would have to an idiot. Anything is possible. Some humans just can’t believe it since they are so narrow minded. Just cause it’s not possible for us does not mean it isn’t for aliens.. Some of you are just narrow minded

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