Mass UFO sighting over Manhattan, New York 25-Feb-2016


Here’s a new video of a multiple orbs flying across the night sky above Manhattan, NYC. This was taken on 25th February 2016.

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Witness report: 9 to 10 orbs lights flying from the west toward east and stopped on location above
On Febraury 25th 2016 I went up to my friend’s apartment building on the 20th floor. We had had few days prior to the event of a lot of rain. On that night the rain had stopped so I went out up there.
As I was gazing at the cloudy night of NYC at 11:39 pm I noticed these lights approaching East 57th Street, midtown Manhattan and started hovering and all over sudden they flew back and forth as you will see on the video.
I tried to look for beam of lights that could explain the lights but I could find any. On top of that, since then I’ve been asking around for a lighting technology that could give out lights like in he video, so far I have found any, I am still working on it.
I did not lose sight of the objects but I got tiered of taping in so I stopped taping and went back to the apartment.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. yes those are searchlights. see how they are all sort of in the same line and area? who knows why someone was playing with them like that?

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