Pensioner Captures Bizarre Object after Hearing a Sound like Thousand Hoovers

John Macdonald with his UFO photo

Some people try to search for proofs that would make UFO as an idle fancy. They attempt to explain the phenomena with the help of graphs, weather problems, statistics charts, and other evidence. However, the facts are more significant. Enthusiast and researchers affirm that the flying object existed and was under the control of intelligent creations.

On February 28 around 11 pm, John Macdonald, a 65-year-old pensioner, was driving home right after visiting his friend’s house. Minutes after, he heard strange noises like a thousand hoovers. He captured the odd object in a form of strange lights soaring in the sky near his hometown in Perthshire. If not with the beat that sounds similar to thousand hoovers, he would not notice the strange lights. As it hovered, he managed to capture the aerial object that bears a resemblance to a flying saucer. Minutes after, it suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes. The disappearance of the object made him think whether or not he frightened the object with the flashes of his camera.


The 65-year-old man from Dysart firmly believes that he saw an alien space aircraft around Rossie Ochil in Perth. John estimates he was 50 to 70 yards from the object when he took his picture. According to Civil Aviation Authority, flying in a drone of darkness would make it difficult to manage. The vision has to be on the line of sight. Those people who do not want to admit the existence of the aliens, offer such facts and proofs of their opinion. First, the people are always ready to believe in strange and unusual things. They are looking for unexpected events and things. Second, nothing can fly in the air without the permission of the government. The personnel of the airports have full instructions in the case of unexpected and unusual situations, so the uncontrollable objects cannot fly in the air. However, everything is possible even if the people are not ready to believe their eyes and ears.

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  1. When they say “hoovers”, are they talking about the vacuum cleaner, or is it hooves misspelled? lol. It looks interesting, but unfortunately pictures can be photoshopped or even created. Also there’s no way to tell how close the object is or how big it is, it could be a small model just a few feet away. Not sure about this one with just a picture of lights.

  2. So let me understand this, if he hadn’t heard this strange sound he wouldn’t have noticed this display above him in the sky?
    This thing looks huge! Come on!!!

    • a pensioner is a retired person collecting a pension, hence the “pensioner”. a Hoover is a vacuum cleaner. i’ve never heard a thousand Hoovers, but i’m sure it’s quite loud.

  3. I don’t know which box to check. As someone stated it could be model of something close up. If real, awesome, but I still think that aliens are not going to light up their vehicles for everyone to see if they’re really trying to stay hidden. So either fake or a drone or …

  4. No one understands fire until it burns them,Ya cant take others words,ya have to see it.Understand this.We have limited abilities,Incapable of seeing all that is there.It is a benefit.I saw them.They don’t need spaceships.Their tech,is so far removed from ours.It exceeds.Our cognitive understandings.They were not Anunnakis,or greys think of the light around you transforming into beings that know you and talk to you.And let you take pictures so you dont think your losing your mind.By the way it is all that one could do to keep from falling from reason into insanity.You are left drained and fearful terrorised is a vague sense.

    • perfect u know hu, trde stories? id like 2 hear urs not on hear though…i like pictures so you know ur not crazy, even thats not good enuff sumtimes in your own head.

  5. I give the man the benefit of the doubt, he didn’t know what it was and got a photo. As usual, truth is left to the beholder. What is it? Many explanations but to this 65 yo man it’s something out of this world.

  6. Well that was a bonny sight. If it made such din like vacuum cleaners, across the brae, where are the other reports and photos?
    I’ll ca canny on this one.

  7. If true, sounds like something that wanted to be noticed. Hardly heard of any UFO making a sound.I.m not convinced, and where are the hundreds of reports you would think would be poring in? And people phoning the police to report a crashing plane etc?

  8. Looks like it could have been photographed from tv showing Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Very much like the UFO on there. Just saying.

    • i agree, yet i saw 1 in lake monticello in 94, rite over the freakin lake for a couple minutes, gigantic, the size of a big apartment complex, this was a gated neighborhood with real police in it. every house on the lake prob had a telescope? it happens, me and my brother were catfishing,,,,,next day NOTHINGGGG…..LOL i dunno

  9. All I can say is that he saw something unusual, and he has a great photo to show the world, he just didn’t make this all up.

  10. Hoovers are vacuum cleaners. Hoover is incorporated in Stark County Ohio. So the sound of his UFOs sound like 100s of vacuum cleaners.

  11. Reminds me of the Hudson Valley UFO that I witnessed personally. Except for the lights in the center. Wish he got this on video. I think fake.

  12. this is the problem….there’s nothing to compare it to…like buildings or landmarking’s, which i know is difficult at night, but there’s something a little off with this photo, like someone said, it all can depend on how far away an object is as far as to determine its actual size.

  13. May be they are not trying to hide any more. This looks as if it wanted to be seen, even if only momentarily. Exciting times head, may be……


  15. I saw one like that when I was in Vietnam. The lights around it were bright blue and revolved around it like airport fog lights, illuminating the entire area in a blue haze.

  16. That’s interesting Jack. I had a relative who lived on base in Okinawa in the 70s, and they came home with some interesting stories as well, about their sightings over there. After watching some shows and reading, the idea they were here trying to stop the war comes to mind. WWII had some interesting sightings, too.

  17. With so many modified R/C drones out now, its hard to say real or fake.Maybe it seemed real to the witness, especially if he did’nt no such toys exist. Check out this YouTube video (an also note how loud it is)

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