Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life In North Of England


Mutual UFO Network UK has logged 18 incidents of UFO sightings in North East since January 2015. They range from white glowing object to silent rocket and teleporting man. UFO Investigative Researcher in Hartlepool, Glen Richardson, is very much convinced these sightings prove we’re not alone.

Richardson claimed that he received approximately five messages and pictures about UFOs from the North East and UK weekly while investigating incidents for around 20 years already. While he admitted that nine out of ten reported sightings have a scientific explanation, he said that some things just can’t be explained.

Richardson firmly believes that there’s life out there and sightings such as these back that up. Many of the sightings are supported with videos and pictures. On June 27, a circle-shaped bright orange light was caught on the video above County Durham. The witness first spotted the mysterious object from their living room window. He ran through their backdoor to get a video footage before it vanished.

Another encounter happened on December 1 in Sunderland, and the witness documented it on video. The object apparently has defined lights within a square.

On May 14, snapped a picture of a plane from A1. When the witness reviewed the image and zoomed it, a strange object above the aircraft can be seen.

Mr Richardson said that some people fear to be ridiculed, but it is important for them to report incidents. He believed more investigations and more evidence would give people encouragement to report their UFO encounters. listed 476 sightings across the UK between January 1, 2015, and the middle of February 2016.

Mr Richardson concluded there are substantial proofs for extraterrestrial life and predicted that there will be a known fact in the next 30 years.

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  1. Proof of what……… a pinprick of light, what a load of twaddle, please find something worth the time to add to the debate, all this lights in the sky rubbish is taking us back ten years. Not moving us on

    • Right you are, John I agree and I keep hoping to see a clear clean photo or image of something extraterrestrial. Lights don’t prove anything. Come up with some real evidence and you won’t be ridiculed…Top

      • Well, there are some good quality pictures and footages , but only a few each year (and not every year).

        After that there’s the fake/real debate about it, so clear and credible stuff is rare, and it should be.

        Because it s not everyday people see a ufo close enough, and have some skills/material to make good pictures… (phone is very poor to shoot a fast moving or distant object)
        And of course, most ufos appear as just light, or dark/silver objects… doesn’t make impressive pictures.

    • Maybe there’s an explanation,,,, like: there are no aliens but us.
      Some people at least try, you just sit at write nonesence, already taken back a couple of times.

  2. hey john, what in your mind would “move us on”? I agree with you that the lights in the sky have become ubiquitous… what would move us on though? that is a good question.

  3. there are many descriptions of spacecraft and other living beings in the Bible.the military and NASA have found there are over 30 different spacecraft and/or species.what other explanation of a huge, orange craft hovering in and out of the clouds downtown San Antonio at the end of January. Lackland Air Force Base filmed a triangular shaped spacecraft hovering over Lackland, and a huge flat metal looking spacecraft larger than football field was being chased by fighter jets right here by my house, Medical Center, San Antonio Texas. This was found also this year.there is a lot going on right now, and those that haven’t experienced, I can understand them not believing, but I’m thinking it won’t be long and the world will know. My grandfather was a Navy Seal and was in the Pacific. They witnessed a spacecraft crash. 3 Extra Terrestrials were taken out of the craft. 1 in a body bag, one on a stretcher, and one in handcuffs. My grandfather was 82 when he told the family, he was very emotional, very detailed and well, is just an honest man. he even said, their eyes blink side to side, opposite of ours. If people honestly think that we are the only ones? that’s a little selfish. Lol. also, ancient Egyptian art inside of the pyramids show giants, such as David and Goliath in The Bible, and tiny people along with spacecrafts drawn in the sky. there’s been documentation for thousands and thousands of years. all describing bright lights, orbs, oval or round,white or orange, triangular shaped, small and over a hundred feet in length, and round kind of flat, the norm of what people think one looks like kind of like on Star Wars. There are two videos released by the military right now that show two of those kind of spacecraft in Afghanistan hovering over a building one flash of light and the entire thing blew up and it retracted back into the sky. no photoshop there. since January, there have been daily sightings all around the world, and the most in Texas. some of these videos, blow your mind and there’s no way that its fake. now, don’t get me wrong, there are some ridiculous videos posted that actually piss me off because that’s what makes people narrow minded to the truth.posted and taken down within two hours by the government. But, they are about to release all the classified information to the world.look into it, you will be shocked. Eventually, and I think very soon the world will know.

  4. Another misleading and sensational headline.may as well re name this site, and call it Lies and Pies in the Skies.

  5. John I disagree. Lights in the sky takes us back 50 years. I agree lights in the sky are a waste of time, where is the physical evidence that can be scientifically tested?

  6. Muffin does a great job investigating UFO reports, so the fact that 10% of these reports cannot be debunked points to the very real possibility that we are not alone.

  7. Ok, interesting that the site autocorrected me after I submitted my comment, hence the word “muffin.” You’d think they would have “MUFON” in their database. So if I need to spell it out, that’s the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network. A muffin, on the other hand, is a delicious baked good. Just so we’re clear.

  8. Many don’t come forward because of ridicule. Me, every now and again those alien individual’s like to nab me..testing and what not. They say they have abducted around a million of us. You see they are looking for someone, or if you will several someone’s. I happen to be one of the five they have narrowed it down to. They took a chunk of flesh out of my left leg…dna purposes. My ova they asked for when I was a small girl, they said they were down to less than 4000. I told them to do what they need to do. They aren’t always the same peoples, races of being’s. I am not an authority, nor am I a victim. I have enough love in my heart for each and every one of them. Believe, don’t believe. I believe in God too he knows who we are each and everyone of us. Have a good day!

  9. Bloody hell lassie, Susan K. stage.Dig yer heels in bairn and tell them aliens where to go.That’s nae very friendly if you asks me!
    I’m sorry fer ye Hen.

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