Area 51 Files Will Be Disclosed After Presidential Election


Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been expressing her commitment to open up the files on the secretive Area 51 as much as possible.

Appearing on a talk show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the Democrat presidential candidate said anew about her dedication to go through the hidden files and expose anything that would not pose a national security risk. If there’s nothing there, Hillary will also let the people know that there’s nothing there.

According to Mr Kimmel, he had spoken to Bill Clinton about looking through the Area 51 files, but the former president said that he did not find anything in the secret facility that was interesting.

Hillary responded to Mr Kimmel and promised to do it again. She stated that she would work to disclose anything interesting be it alien or otherwise. She told Mr Kimmel that they should share anything there with the public unless it’s a threat to national security.

Hillary Clinton’s platform has targeted young American voters, and she already made the promise about making Area 51 files to become publicly available in January should she be elected.

Bill Clinton confirmed that a lot of American stealth technology is made in Area 51, but there were no aliens when he checked as president.

Do you believe her?

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  1. Why don’t investigators speak to retired Air Force One pilots. Madam Clinton’s retort will be the ‘same old National Security ‘ nonsense. You can stand on your head trying to get a truthful answer from any polition. She’s just wanting the Presidency,so, don’t hold your breath……§

  2. she says anything she can, if she feels it’ll get more voters on her side….what makes her think she has the power to do more, expose more than all the other presidents, at the end of the day, the elite will not allow her to revel what they do not want revealed president or not.

  3. Thank you for the good news!
    Would want to know what our status is, but frankly,
    There will be restructuring in our Top Security Test Sights
    [If not already completed] !
    There is and has been enough time to RELOCATE.
    Time to hide all the Advanced Technology that former workers touted about!
    Director of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, Benjamin Robert Rich had a deathbed confession.
    Ask Paul Hellyer,former Minister of Defense of Canada.
    Ask Michael Schratt, of “Project Looking Glass” [1954], talk about Dr. Dan Burisch’ working with E.T. “J-Rod”.[Helped the Alien return to his Planet, light years away.]
    Area 51 worker,Boyd Bushman’s has given a deathbed confession.[Aliens & UFOs.]
    The life of one-armed Billy Meier was synonymous with photos and films
    of Saucer craft from the Pleiades Star Cluster, [since he was a “Contactee”]!
    — Ask Travis Walton who spent 7 days in a Flying Saucer.
    Phil Schneider confessed about Underground Alien Bases, before mysteriously dying.
    Ask Bob Lazar, former worker of S-4. He will tell you that the reverse engineering on Alien Craft was ONLY at Groom Lake’s “S-4”!
    Workers have stated this Research Project has been MOVED [possibly to Utah]!
    By the time we see what is in Area 51, there might just be a WEATHER BALLOON![Nothing Else.]
    My personal account of talking to a friend of a worker in Area 51 [or S-4]. His friend was found dead on a pile of rocks, near Las Vegas.
    His shoes were on BACKWARDS! Found in the desert without a SHIRT!
    Piles of Top Secret “Project Orion” on them were later found in his belongings! [1992]. His friend did state that he enjoyed hiking, but knew he wouldn’t go without a shirt [let alone shoes on the wrong feet].
    And I can go on and on.
    (I know things are so important because of National Security. We need to be informed and go forward!)
    Get that high technology to good use and reverse our National Debt!
    The Philadelphia Experiment[Oct. 28th, 1943] Sending a ship a hundred
    miles away in a flash of [green] light.
    Jesse Marcell Jr. handled UFO wreckage from 1947’s Roswell, NM crash sight. His Dad recanted the story about the debris being a weather balloon!
    Top Secret employees have stated how they would/have “DESTROY(ED) ALL EVIDENCE”.
    E.T.s have technology to go through walls.(We do, too.)
    Let’s be friendly toward the Aliens. Through the years, they have [tried to be obscure]. Friendship begets friendship.

  4. This last statement has taken the words from mouth – sort of. Woosh! Area 51? Come on. There’s a TON of info out there as stated above by Mr Goldsby.

  5. I watched a documentary program a few years back and there was a recently retired “top” air force official speaking for the first time about the 1941 Roswell, New Mexico incident. He was sworn to secrecy at that time, however, being retired, he came forward with firsthand information he thought the public needed to be aware of. He stated that he knew of TWO spacecrafts being involved. One UFO did, indeed, crash as reported, but, there was another spacecraft shot down by our air force. I haven’t heard anything else about this anywhere. No news station updates nor any other documentaries, to my knowledge, have aired on television. It seems this information may have been “black-balled” so the public would be left in the dark on this. Is our government attempting to cover up something so important as this? We, the people, should be told the truth on matters such as these. It makes since to assume our technology directly stems from the spacecrafts which were taken from Roswell to Area 51. What’s up with this? I mean, “We the people……., right?

    • You are right about 1947 Roswell, N.M..
      The Military Base in close proximity was using High Powered Radar to knock the Craft(s) out of the air [Large Radar Dishes].
      There were 5 alien corpse and one living alien.[Three in EACH Craft.]
      It communicated with only one person – through telepathy.
      A female Army Air Force Nurse, “Matilda O’Donnell” [Married later to Mr. MacElroy]. She arranged to have her original transcripts published after her death [a few years ago]. They are in book form [“Alien Interview”. Or, YouTube has the [free] audio book “Roswell Alien Interview”
      “We the people — Y E S !”

  6. It isn’t just the files on Area 51 that needs to be disclosed, as said sign- posting this in advance only makes the Disclosure worthless. There are numerous facilities that need to be examined in the US and it should start with the CIA and FBI. Simply stating one facility is NOT good enough. Try again!

  7. Maybe if we were told all about so called aliens etc, we would all have to be destroyed!
    It’s very weird, that every government in the world says there’s no such thing as UFOs, or extraterrestrials.So what’s really going on here?
    Why is it so scary to know the truth? Must be something terrible. Ignorance is bliss sometimes.

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