Coast To Coast AM: UFO Enigmas & Australian Case 17-Apr-2016

coast to coast

Radio Coast to Coast AM
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Greg Bishop, Bill Chalker
Date:Sunday – April 17, 2016

Author and radio host Greg Bishop, who has been researching and writing about strange phenomena for over 25 years, joined George Knapp in the first half. He discussed various angles of the UFO enigma– including the US government’s cover-ups and disinformation efforts, and his personal experiences with agents such as Rick Doty. While embracing a skeptical viewpoint, Bishop said in close encounter cases, he’s convinced there’s an external, intelligent stimulus that’s not human, but that the ET hypothesis doesn’t seem to be the most likely explanation. Interestingly, he noted that those who have close encounters with UFOs often undergo great changes in their lives. Some experience beneficial effects such as becoming more spiritual or compassionate, while others suffer negative upheavals.


In the latter half, UFO researcher Bill Chalker, talked about one of Australia’s most remarkable UFO incidents. 50 years ago this month in Melbourne, more than 200 students and teachers at Westall High School witnessed an unexplained aerial object that was pursued by five other craft which circled the object. There was evidence that one or two of the craft landed and left behind physical traces. What has made the case difficult to investigate is that there was likely a “heavy hand of officialdom that seemed to come in and almost shut down the case,” both as a cover-up and to quell an element of hysteria at the school

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