Hillary Says UFO Matters Still On Agenda


As most people may already know, Hillary Clinton has been in New York on Monday for her presidential campaign. While visiting East Harlem, she had an interview with the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club. One of the hosts suspects aliens may have been abducted him. He asked Hillary if she was indeed serious about telling the truth on UFOs. Hillary answered positively.

Clinton has confirmed many times in her previous interviews that she will try to declassify files on UFOs if elected as president. However, she made it clear she did not want to release any records that were kept secret due to national security.

While she isn’t sure about extraterrestrial UFOs, Clinton does think that some stories about the subject are true. She believes that people see things, but what they see, she doesn’t know. Clinton believes that the government should try to give people information.

Clinton just keeps discussing UFOs when asked and this attitude has caused a lot of debates. Typical politicians usually not serious about the subject and some even make a joke of it. However, Hillary has repeatedly answered questions about it confidently and promised to look into the issue. Former President Bill Clinton, her husband, had said that he looked into the matter and did not find anything.

Some think that Hillary has no interest in UFOs and just want to get the votes from UFO believers. The National Geographic survey in 2012 showed that 36 percent of Americans think that ETs have visited Earth, and 80 percent believe the U.S. government kept the truth secret from the public.

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  1. Yet again the old opt out of “unless it affects national security” surely the question must be , why should the existence of UFO’s be a matter of security, if they exist then its a matter of fact , not security . If they are military then saying its military doses not affect national security, again its a statement of fact. Why hide behind a bland statement unless you are trying to hide something, it just adds to the cover up argument.

    • She is a liar. She will NOT divulge anything, if she gets into office. When she ran for president, Hillary made a promise to get the troops out of Iraq in 30 days. All other made a the same promise but, under a real-life frame. So, she is just pandering to special interest groups and making a fool out of all of us.

  2. Why would anyone believe her? Her husband would have been told and warned not to speak the truth, so she is just mouthing what some people want to hear.
    I bet a dollar to a donut that she will NEVER reveal what the Gov knows about UFOs.

  3. If she were President,she would never be allowed to tell what the government knows about ETs and UFOs.If the Public needed to know they would have been told years ago. In my opinion there really is something sinister about UFOs and their inhabitants. they don’t mean us any good.

  4. Really? Hillary Clinton telling the truth about anything, especially UFO’s and disclosure, you must be smoking the same stuff she is…

  5. they are demons.fallen angels.aliens and are all the same thing.as they are part of the great deception of humanity..and Hilary clinton knows it already and she is not telling anybody the truth..period

  6. It’s not so much about what she wants to reveal. She can desire to reveal everything… but remember how information is protected by those who really know. The government doesn’t even know what it does and doesn’t know about this subject. Be sure the President is not on the “need to know” list.

  7. Just keep you eyes on the prophet. Forget the dumb stuff. ET probably running things; doesn’t like or want to associate with us for whatever the reason..you can’t make them reveal themselves. Look at how long this has been going on.

  8. WOW what a liar!! She also seems to like hot sauce when she is around people of color and she would never and i mean never” Tell the truth about UFO’s ANYTHING FOR A VOTE. WOW””I can’t wait until she is indited.

  9. No one should trust anything Hillary Clinton says. This is the last person we would want running our country. If she would become president all information pertaining to government would be running through her personal server.

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