Coast to Coast AM: UFOs & Nukes


Robert Hastings joined George Knapp to discuss UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites. His new film UFOs and Nukes, The Secret Link Revealed features interviews with US Air Force veterans who were involved in incidents which confirm that unidentified flying objects seem to be able to monitor and even control nuclear weapons. Hastings says the film (and his book) feature “anecdotal evidence from very persuasive sources.” The cases have continued for decades, up to the present day. Hastings’ father was in the Air Force and when he was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in North Dakota in the 1960s, there were rumors of UFOs hovering over the area. He believes that whatever intelligence is behind the incursions may be essentially asking leading governments if it is wise to continue to possess nuclear weapons.

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  1. George two faced as he agrees with which ever guest he has on his show and what ever topic ..he does not give his thoughts or his own me that is not a good talk host.

  2. Hi to every one, please beleive what you are reading and the video. I was visited in 1970 in NewZealand by a Entity on and off for a period of three months ,the Entity aim is to take imediate action to stop us using weapons of mass distruction as this will cause problems to the triangular network of time and existance what make us human and the life of planet earth also other worlds .The Entity is very concerned about us and there world i am begging every one reading this to help me stop us from using NUCS, Thanks to Robert Hasting to do this will Help a lot.THANKYOU.

  3. The same old farts , beating the same old dead horse with nothing
    new to say and won’t let any “outsider” in is a joke !!!

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