This day in UFO history: Lonnie Zamora UFO Incident (1964)

Lonnie Zamora ufo

Among the UFO sightings, one of the most intriguing cases was the evidence of physical trace of alien landing that took place in 1964. Lonnie Zamora witnessed the landing of an unknown spacecraft. For over 40 years, this encounter has become one of the major outbreaks, and one of the cases that will never be forgotten. The Zamora incident took place on April 24, 1964, on the southern outskirts of Socorro, New Mexico. At about 5:50 p.m. of the same year, 31-year-old Lonnie Zamora was alone in his patrol car when he heard a roaring sound and saw a flame at some distance away. The sound was accompanied by an orange and bluish flame rising into the air. As soon as he heard the sound, he thought there was an explosion. Abandoning the chase for the speeder, he radioed his activities to the dispatcher. As he proceeded towards the flame and smoke, the aftermath seemed to reappear and disappear due to the dipping and rising roads he traveled. As soon as he arrived at the location, he noticed a shining object in the distance. His first reaction was that it was an overturned automobile, and its tank had been exploded. However, when he looks closely, he discovered that it comes with an oval-shaped object without doors or windows.

Lonnie ZamoraRegaining his composure, Zamora radioed the sheriff’s office the incident’s details. Next, he saw the object lifting off the ground, and flying in a straight line for 15 miles. Zamora told Major Connor and Capt. Holder that the noise was a roar, not a blast. It changes from high to low frequency and then stopped. The sound lasted for about 10 seconds. Several witnesses emerged to report the event, which included the physical evidence and conspicuous flame, left behind immediately afterward. Some physical trace were burned soil and vegetation, scrapings, metal ground and landing impressions. Despite being the most perplexing reports, the event, and its evidence redeemed the best documented.

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  1. I agree. This sighting is truly a genuine sighting by a officer of the law. One of my all time favorite cases in UFOology.

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